Tractel Fall Arrest Lanyards - Single Leg

Quick Ref: CN-1760
Tractel Fall Arrest Lanyards - Single Leg


12mm Rope Lanyard with Energy Absorber

The LCA Lanyard comes with an energy absorber and is used as a connecting element between a fixed, or mobile anchorage point, and the attachment point on the harness. It is made of 12mm  Stranded Polyamide Rope and comes in lengths of 1.5 or 2 metres. The choice of the length depends on the application but the height of fall increases the length of the lanyard required. A selection of connectors are available. The energy absorber is the type in which the textile weft tears . It limits the shock to which the user is subjected in the event of a fall to less than 5 KN and will stop a 4 m free fall.

Tractel "LPA" Single Leg Fall Arrest Strap Lanyard - 35mm - With Integrated POY Energy Absorber The LPA lanyard is formed by a Pre-Oriented Yarn webbing strap encased in a tubular polyester sheath. The Pre-Oriented Yarn webbing has elongation properties enabling it to absorb the energy of a fall. The tubular polyester sheath gives the LPA lanyard a very high resistance to abrasion and cutting when in contact with a sharp edge in the event of a fall. An LPA lanyard, with respect to a standard shock-absorbing lanyard with tear-type absorber, provides several advantages for the user : more compact, lighter-weight and enhanced ergonomics ensuring comfortable use. The LPA lanyard satisfies the requirements of standard EN355.

Tractel "LSEA" Energy Absorbing Fall Arrest Elastic Webbing Lanyard - 30mm Diameter With Integrated Energy Absorber The LSEA lanyards are formed by a strap made of rigid polyester fiber woven on an elastic fiber core. These elastic fibers have elongation properties which allow the lanyard to stretch by one-third of its contracted length. The outer strap, made of polyester fibers woven on the elastic fiber core, gives the elastic lanyards (LSE and LSEA) excellent resistance to abrasion and cutting when it comes into contact with a sharp edge, including in the event of a fall. With respect to standard lanyards, the LSEA lanyards provide the advantage of being more compact and therefore more comfortable in use. With respect to the elastic lanyards currently on the market, formed by a tubular strap with an elastic material inside the lanyard, the Tractel LSEA elastic lanyards provide a much higher degree of resistance to ageing (the strap keeps its elasticity much longer) and has a much more attractive design. The LSEA elastic lanyard complies with the requirements of standard EN 355.

Tractel Single Leg Fall Arrest Lanyard - 11mm Diameter The LDA 11mm diameter Lanyard with energy absorber is used as a connecting element between a fixed or mobile anchorage point and the attachment point on the harness.The energy absorber safely stops a fall from a height.

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