SALA Fall Arrest Eye Bolt Type Anchorages

Quick Ref: CN-1606
SALA Fall Arrest Eye Bolt Type Anchorages

Portable, reusable, durable and safe. 5000lb (22kn) Fall arrest rated. An extremely easy to use and very versatile reusable fall arrest anchorage device, taking only a few seconds to install or remove. This anchorage point in designed for use with a single person and can be used vertically, horizontally or above head.
Temporary concrete wedge fall arrest anchor. Portable, reusable, durable and safe.

This extremely versatile and easy to use anchor for concrete applications is portable, re-useable, durable and safe. With a simple and efficient install, taking just seconds utilizing standard concrete tools.

Fall arrest anchorage points for blind steel, thru fixing steel or with oversized washer to EN795

Anchor points are suitable for use as a single attachment point for fall arrest or fall restraint by a single user. The anchor detailed in this document conforms to EN 795 and EN 50308. In addition the oversize washer version offer sealing detail against water ingress as it is designed for the toe of a wind turbine nacelle cover.

EN795 temporary fall arrest / restraint eye bolt for use on concrete. Not for materials lifting.

With re-useable D ring assembly, just install a new bolt and it's ready to use again. It has a rugged design for harsh environments with no moving or fragile parts to foul-up. Safe “hook-up” indicator notifies the user the anchor has been installed properly. Available with 3 different amounts of bolts - D ring assembly with 1 Bolt, D ring assembly with 6 bolts, and D ring assembly with 12 bolts.

Detent Wall Anchor.

This allows user to work at different locations where a socket is pre-installed, with a single detent pin. Lightweight and portable, allowing user to easily move from job site to job site, can keep attached to lanyard at all times. Available with 3 different options - assembly including pin, socket and cap, detent pin, detent socket and cap.

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