Petzl Black Height Safety and PPE Equipment

Quick Ref: CN-1703
Petzl Black Height Safety and PPE Equipment

Lightweight Sit Harness, also available in all black option.

Lightweight Sit Harness has 2 lateral attachment points that transfer the weight evenly around the waste belt for comfortable surface-supported work. Four equipment loops : two large rigid ones in front for easy access to gear and two small flexible ones in back that will not interfere with wearing a backpack. Also available in all black option. Available in 2 sizes. Size 1 - Waist belt 75-104cm, Leg loops 53-66cm. Size 2 - Waist belt 97-125cm, Leg loops 55-75cm.

Mountain Rescue Sit Harness.

Petzl Falcon Mountain Rescue Sit Harness has attachment bridge construction for optimum mobility when progressing with climbing techniques. Waist Belt and leg loops equipped with two self locking Double Back buckles. Available in 2 different sizes. Size 1 - Waist belt 75-104cm, Leg loops 53-66cm. Size 2 - Waist belt 97-125cm, Leg loops 55-75cm.

Basic Sport Climbing and Mountaineering Harness, in All Black. Petzl Pandion Climbing Harness is perfectly designed for mountaineering, glacier travel and adventure racing because its so lightweight and compact. It's also a great first harness for beginning climber with adjustable leg loops allowing size to be adjusted depending on the comfort desired or layers of clothing worn and permits the harness to be put on when wearing skis or crampons. DoubleBack buckles are pre-threaded and adjust quickly with a single pull, helping to ensure proper closure, single Dyneema-reinforced tie-in point for increased durability, flexible equipment loop stays out of the way while wearing a pack, detachable elastic leg loop straps and leg loops and waistbelt are color coded to facilitate donning. Only one size available.
Full Body Sport Climbing Harness for Adults.

Petzl 8003 Full Body Climbing Harness is designed for those who prefer a full body harness to protect against falls for all types of recreational activities. Specifically designed for Alpine climbing. With wide flexible webbing and fully adjustable shoulder straps and leg loops for precise fitting. One size available.

Sit Harness for Sport Climbing, All Black. Frame Construction technology: Bias webbing transfers load and distributes pressure over entire surface area of the waistbelt and leg loops, flat webbing reinforcement in waistbelt and leg loops offers increased comfort when hanging, ergonomically-shaped leg loops and waistbelt, breathable mesh exterior, closed cell perforated foam padding and polyester 3D wicking mesh provide maximum ventilation, optinal relationship between dimension, weight and comfort, doubleBack buckles on leg loops allow size to be easily adjusted when wearing different thicknesses of clothing to suit the climber's individual body shape while hanging for greater comfort. Two DoubleBack buckles allow waistbelt to be adjusted and secured in a single movement and dual waist buckles allow tie-in point to be centered and equalize the equipment loops on each side.
1 Point Vest Style Harness with Sternal Connection. Complies to EN361.

Petzl Newton 2 Point Fall Arrest Harness consists of two equipment loops with protective sheath. Work positioning on the lateral attachment points is possible with the Pad Fast Waistbelt. Available in 2 sizes : size 1 - waist belt 75cm to 104cm, leg loops = 53cm to 66cm, height 173cm to 187cm. size 2 - waist belt 97cm to 125cm, leg loops 55cm to 75cm, height 180cm to 195cm. Optional accessories are Pad Fast Belt, Jak Pocket, Lift Spacer and Omni Karabiner.

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