Imperial Thread Lifting Eye Nuts (Non Swivel)

Quick Ref: CN-1429


Grade 8 Eye nuts - RUD RM : M6 - M48. RUD Lifting/Lashing Eyenuts have the following characteristics, distinctive in comparison to the conventional DIN - eye nuts: An octagonal shape symbolising quality class 8, coloured red - the identification colour of quality class 8. Identification: Clear WLL indication for the most unfavourable load direction F2 (not permissible for DIN 581), forged material 1.6541, high tensile and annealed, 100% electromagnetic crack detected according to EN 1677-1 and with a 4 :1 design factor.


Crosby Eye Nuts. The Crosby G400 Eye Nuts are made from forged Steel - Quenched and Tempered and are also hot Dip galvanized. Tapped with standard UNC class 2 threads after galvanizing though they are also available in blank (as forged) item (S-4028) or, on request, with metric threading (M-4028)

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