Globestock Man-Riding Hoists and Rescue Winches

Quick Ref: CN-1941


Our Globestock Hoist is unusual because it has a very long cable at 50 metre. It is primarily used on the Globestock tripod though can be used bolted to other structures to provide a mean to lift persons or for rescue applications. This is a 2 peed winch wit 200kg SWL.


Globestock Man-Riding Hoists and Rescue Winches

50 metre hand winch suitable for 136kg Manriding winch or 200kg materials lift with single speed man-riding and 2 speed materials lifting.

A 50 metre winch which is ideal for use in confined space applications, this winch can be quickly and easily attached to a tripod. It is recommended to be used in conjunction with a secondary device, which ensures the safe and easy raising or lowering of personnel. It is easy to wind up with a self locking action, in normal mode, to prevent a load falling upon releasing the handle.

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