Crosby Specialist Load Binders, Load Restraint Lashings

Quick Ref: CN-1100
Extremely high quality cargo restraint load binders from Crosby. All of the different models available.

Crosby load binders are used for vehicle load restraint and lashing equipment used mainly for road and rail haulage and rail haulage industries. Why choose Crosby over the competition? Because they are a top quality lasing system with choice of sizes, styles and capacities and are perfectly suited when hauling expensive or sensitive equipment. By reducing the risk of equipment failure you will help ensure the safety of the load.


Crosby load binders can be used with grade 70, 80 and 100 chain. and are generally suitable for heavy duty cargo restraint applications, serving the needs of the transport industry. We offer two different designs of load binder, Lever type load binder or ratchet load binders. With grab hooks to suit 10, 13 or 16mm chain or eyes. The working load limit (WLL)  is up to 7.26 tons and can be supplied with chains to suit your cargo restraint requirements / application.


Crosby Ratchet Load Binder.

All load bearings or holding parts on these binders are forged. They Utilise standard Crosby A-323 Alloy Eye Grab Hooks. Continuous take-up feature, infinite adjustment, gets the last half of chain. For use with Grade 7 Transport Chain. New design "one piece" forged handle. One piece assembly, no bolts or nuts to loosen. Ratchet spring is rust proofed. Easy operating positive ratchet.

Crosby Walking Load Binders.

Made of forged steel - quenched and tempered. Can be used as a come-a-long for short take-up on chain. The Binder toggles away from the load.

Crosby Load Binder without Links and Hooks.

This Crosby R-10 Binder without Links and Hooks, Meets or exceeds DOT and CVSA Cargo Securement Tie-Down Guidelines,

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