Method of control Tirak 2

The Control

Push button control

As the standard by means of a pendant control for either 1 or 2 wire rope speeds. If two or more tirak® hoists shall be controlled from one place, a central control may be used to either control a single hoist or all hoists together.

The control cables contain at the same time the power supply for the attached hoists, which avoids any unnecessary additional power cables. If only a single hoist shall be used, which is equipped for a central control, power supply and control signals are given by a special pendant control.

Tirak Mounted Controls

Method of control Tirak 1

Method of control Tirak 4

Method of control Tirak 5

Mounted Controls on the Tirak Unit. Possible use for lifting platforms or when the user has access to hoist. Fixed unit less chance of loss and breakage. Single control for hoists which are directly attached onto the Tirak hoist and can be supplied with a cable length to suit our customers requirements. By far our most popular option. Radio remote control for 1 or 2 speed lift. Can also be supplied with a manual pendant as a back-up. Simply unplug the radio receiver and plug in the pendant for manual control of the hoist. This is particularly useful as its often the case that the radio handset is damaged or lost. Hand valve control for compresses air, pneumatic driven tirak hoists. This kind of motorization is primarily used in surroundings with explosive atmosphere.

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