The Advantages at a Glance


Well secured
Forged hooks with safety latch prevent accidental unhooking of both the spring balancer and the
suspended tool.
Well positioned
The 360° rotating top hook ensures the  optimal  operating position of the spring balancer for smooth flow, and extended lifetime of the rope.
Additional safety
Upper and lower suspension eyes are provided for the attachment of secondary safety chains. Providing additional safety and preventing the spring balancer and load from falling accidentally.
Well balanced
The tapered rope drum assures tension in the rope throughout the full working range.
Easy exchange
The compact design of the body and the spring-assembly allow for an easy exchange of individual components.
Easy maintenance
The manual safety lock stops the rotation of the drum. A must when replacing a rope, changing the load or
renewing the spring.
Extended life-cycle
Precision made steel drum axle for  extended lifetime and additional safety.
Safe load holding
The automatic drum-locking-device locks the drum and holds the load safely even in the event of spring failure.
Precise adjustment
Easy and fast adjustment of the spring-tension by an easily well accessible setscrew.
Additional advantage
The special steel rope resists kinking, reduces drum wear and requires no additional lubrication.
Additional protection
To reduce wear of the body and rope spring balancers are equipped with a nylon rope guide.
Low wear
A shock absorber and adjustable rope stop limits retraction of the rope to any desired point in its travel, preventing excessive wear of the rope drum.


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