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Yale "MTrac" Electric Man-riding Winch with potentially Endless / Limitless length of Wire Rope

Model:  Yale MTrac P / YMTP-3548

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Yale endless passenger elevation (man-riding) winch designed to be used with unlimited rope lengths for lifting and lowering personnel. Capacities range from 500kg to 1000kg at either 9 or 18 m/min.

Unfortunately the Yale Mtrac is no longer available. Please see the Tractel Man-riding Tirak as an alternative.

The Yale MTrac unlimited cable (wire rope) passenger lifting hoist or M-Track as some people may spell it, is the nearest alternative available in the market place to the Tractel Tirak XP Series manriding hoists.

Yale MTrac P Endless Man-riding Winch - FrontYale MTrac P Endless Man-riding Winch - RearThe new Yale MTrac endless winch is versatile and suitable for unlimited applications. The rope is not connected which makes it compact, lightweight and very easy to handle. The unrestricted wire rope lengths capability of the Yale M-Trac makes it possible to utilise unlimited lifting heights and traction lengths.

Features and Benefits

  • The robust, precisely machined housing of die-cast aluminium, ensures a low dead-weight and outstanding rigidity.
  • Gearing and drive sheave is fabricated from hardened steel.
  • Universal attachment of the winches is capable by means of a central 16mm load pin, or two M10 screws.
  • Group of mechanisms: 1 Bm/M3 (1 Cm/M2 for 18 m/min models) according to FEM.
  • Motor protection: Protected to IP55 as standard.
  • Standard MTrac operating voltage: 400V, 3ph, 50Hz (460V, 3ph, 60Hz available upon request).
  • Control Voltage: 24V for mobile application units and 42V for the stationary applications models.
  • Phase monitoring: As standard on mobile application models, not available on stationary units.
  • Hoist motor, as standard is fitted with a thermal overload protection device.
  • Certification: Certified by and independent inspection institute (DGUV).
  • Drive sheave and pressure rollers of special nitrided steel with a surface hardness of approximately 70 HRC, guaranteeing low wear of these components.
  • The fully-synthetic special oil ensures highest possible efficiency for quiet running characteristics, in a temperature range of -40°C to 70°C.
  • Standardised components ensures easy access to all wearing parts.
  • Certified for passenger elevation applications in accordance with DIN EN 14492-1 by an independent inspection institute (DGUV).

Safety for Passenger Elevation

In accordance with the requirements of DIN EN1808, each winch used for passenger elevation must feature a safety system on an independant safety rope. Yale offers two different safety catching devices for two common applications. Both types have been approved for passenger elevation and comply with standard DIN EN 1808 "Safety requirements on suspended access equipment". In addition, the catching devices have been certified by an independant inspection institute (DGUV).

Safety Lowering Mechanism

Safety Lowering Mechanism

Flexible Attachment Points Flexible Attachment Points
In the event of a power failure, the electric-mechanical brake can be released manually in order to ensure safe and controlled lowering of the load.

Safe lowering is guaranteed by the integrated centrifugal force brake.
The winch can be suspended from a central suspension point by means of a load pin.

As an alternative, attachment points in the corners of the housing are available for flexible attachment of the winch with screws or pins.


  • Other operating voltages.
  • Double control for several winches.
  • Radio remote control.
  • Limit switch for upward travel.
  • Counters for operating hours and number of starts.
  • Catching devices (over-speed or inclined position tripping, required for passenger elevation applications).
  • Adaptor for fitting with shackle.
  • Ropes for endless winches and catching device.
  • Overload cut-out (included in the scope of supply for passenger elevation winches).

Safety Devices

Overspeed Safety Catching Device

Overspeed safety catching device (YOSL)

Inclined Position Safety Catching Device

Inclined position safety catching device (YISL)

The overspeed catching device is automatically tripped when the lowering speed of the cable exceeds 30m/min (0.5m/s).

The integrated clamping jaw mechanism made of hardened steel stops the lowering of the wire rope within a few centimetres.

The inclined position catching device is automatically tripped when the angle of the rope or the platform exceeds 5°.

The integrated clamping jaw mechanism holds the rope and immediately stops the movement of the system.

Technical Specifications

Model EAN-No. 4025092* Capacity Lifting speed Nominal rope diameter Motor Weight without rope incl. control cabinet
kg m/min mm kW kg
YMT 5-9-P8 *668729 500 9 8.4 1.1 72
YMT 5-18-P8 *668736 500 18 8.4 2.0 72
YMT 6-9-P8 *668743 600 9 8.4 1.1 73
YMT 6-18-P8 *668750 600 18 8.4 2.0 73
YMT 8-9-P9 *668767 800 9 9.0 1.8 73
YMT 8-18-P9 *668774 800 18 9.0 3.6 74
YMT 10-9-P10 *668781 1000 9 10.2 1.8 73
YMT 10-18-P10  *668798 1000 18 10.2 3.6 74
Incl. control cabinet with integrated CE-connector. Option: Emergency-stop and UP/DOWN buttons on control cabinet for controlling the winch, pendant control with emergency-stop (length of control cable 3 m).

Mtrac P Dimensional Specifications

All models Dimensional Drawing
D, mm 10.5 Dimensional Drawing
E, mm 40
F, mm 57
G, mm 261
H, mm 34
J, mm 261
K, mm 220
L, mm 180
M, mm 301
N, mm 375
O, mm 599

Safety Device Dimensional Information

Overspeed safety catching device (YOSL) (mm)
Inclined position safety catching device (YISL) (mm)
Overspeed Device Dimensional Drawing Inclined Position Device Dimensional Drawing

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