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Yale "LM" Wire Rope Cable Puller - Range from 500kg to 1800kg (Not for lifting applications)

Model:  Yale LM / YLCP-191

Part N° Model Single Fall Capacity (kg) Single Fall Rope Travel (m) Double Fall Capacity (kg) Double Fall Rope Travel (m) Weight (kg) Unit Price Quantity
191-T13691 115D-V 500kg 4.6m 1000kg 2.3m 4.5kg £  579.00
191-T13692 202WN-V 500kg 6m 1000kg 3m 5.2kg Quote Required
191-T13693 434WN-V 500kg 9m 1000kg 4.5m 5.8kg £  629.00
191-T13694 S434WN-V 700kg 6m 1400kg 3m 6.0kg £  639.00
191-T13695 S404WN-V 900kg 5.2m 1800kg 2.6m 5.9kg £  645.00
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Yale LM Cable Pullers

A device for gripping, pulling and tensioning of unsheathed wire ropes, cables and metal rods, depending on the rope diameter and surface integrity, up to a tensile strength of 1770N/mm2.

Pulling force 2000 - 5000 daN

Technical data

Model Single fall Double fall Weight (kg)
Capacity SWL (kg) Rope travel (metres) Capacity SWL (kg) Rope travel (metres)
115D-V 500 4.6 1000 2.3 4.5
202WN-V 500 6.0 1000 3.0 5.2
434WN-V 500 9.0 1000 4.5 5.8
S434WN-V 700 6.0 1400 3.0 6.0
S40WN-V 900 5.2 1800 2.6 5.9
LM Cable pullers
LM_Operating Manual .pdf

Yale LM Operating Manual

The operating instructions contain important information on how to handle the trolley in a safe, correct and economic way. Acting in accordance with these instructions helps to avoid dangers, reduce repair costs and down time and to increase the reliability and lifetime of the trolley. Anyone involved in doing any of the following work with the trolley must read the operation instructions and act accordingly.
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