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Single Sided Warehouse Stepladder with Platform and Extra High Guardrail - Maximum Working Height 4.60m

Model:  WS-1319

Single Sided Warehouse Stepladder with platform and Extra High Guardrail
Part N° Number of Rungs Minimum Height (m) Platform Height (m) Maximum Working Height (m) Total Weight (kg) Guide Price Quantity
1319-T1912 7 2.70 1.65 3.65 18.00 Quote Required
1319-T1913 9 3.20 2.10 4.10 23.6 Quote Required
1319-T1914 11 3.70 2.60 4.60 27.1 Quote Required
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Warehouse Stepladder.

The Taurus TME single sided warehouse stepladder has a single platform and extra high guardrail, it folds allowing it to be stored easily. This product has a maximum capacity of 150 kg; it comes with a 10 year guarantee and is EN 131 compliant. It has a self-locking spreader, which prevents the ladder closing unexpectedly. Safer working and easier handling is achieved thanks to the extra high guardrail (85 cm). The Taurus TME can be moved easily owing to the wheels at the backside of the stepladder, and the enclosed hinge system increases stability.

taurus tme stepladder hinge The enclosed hinge system increases the stability of the stepladder taurus tme stepladder-backside-wheels The Taurus TME is easy to move due to the wheels at its backside
stepladder guardrail 85 cm extra high guardrail for safer working and easier handling for the user stepladder folded The Taurus can fold, making storage easy

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