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Vertical Pole Davit Arm - Various Ranges Available

Model:  VPDA-2604

Vertical Pole Davit Arm suitable for use with a Trolley to Run the Length of the Jib Arm.

Please see our range of davit arms for a possible alternative.

We offer several designs of lightweight davit lifting arms, including lean over type (Cranked) davits and vertical split pole type davits. The split pole davits are suited to applications where there is an obstruction which must be worked around, for example over a hand rail. Owing to the fact that it is relatively compact, it offers an excellent solution for confined space or restricted access lifting environments.

This type of davit is a variation on the vertical pole design. The main difference is that it has been designed with a load trolley on the jib arm that can be manually maneuvered along the length of the arm. The benefit of this is that the trolley can be positioned directly above the load to be lifted. The load can then be lifted, lowered and moved along the length of the jib as required. This is extremely useful in confined space or where there is an obstruction, as it allows the load to be manipulated easily.
This davit is less portable than our other options and is usually permanently located. It can be made portable by fabrication of a bolted flanged joint built into the socket. This solid joint directly above the socket base would also make installation easier or even necessary on a cast-in socket.
 Because there is a rolling load trolley on the horizontal lifting beam it is necessary to remove as much as is possible any deflection (lean) that would allow the trolley to move along the lifting beam when the load is applied. Therefore we have removed as many movable joints as is possible, hence there is no split in the vertical pole or rotation in the base (socket).

All our davits can be used in more than one location. They are supplied CE certified and come with a certificate of conformity. Many of our customers purchase several davit sockets, and permanently install these wherever they require the davit. A single davit lifting arm can then be purchased and easily moved between jobs, thus reducing costs!

Most of our davit lifting arms are manufactured from galvanized steel though we can also offer them in aluminium or stainless steel if required. The galvanized steel arms are suitable for use in marine and offshore environments, whether this be for a lifting application in the offshore oil and gas industry, or for use on a boat. Extra heavy duty galvanizing can be provided for offshore use. The aluminum option offers an even more lightweight, portable and corrosion resistant solution. The Stainless Steel davit arms can be used in hazardous environments. They may be suitable for explosion proof (spark proof) ATEX environments as we can manufacture the davit to our customers specification. These davits are often utilized in the petrochemical industry, where they are used in hazardous environments, and also the food industry, where regulations with respect to corrosion resistance and cleanliness must be observed.

All of our special davit, swing arm jib cranes can be manufactured to our customer’s specification (height of lift and reach). We recommend that our load trolley davit with a Safe Working Load (SWL) of 500kg does not exceed 1200mm radius (reach); and for 1000kg 1000mm reach. The height to the load trolley on this davit arm can be up to 2500mm, though to reduce deflection (lean) under load we recommend that you restrict the height to 2000mm.  These figures are given as a rough guide. If your requirements do not fall within the advised parameters, please submit your required measurements, and we will quote the item or our suggested alternative that may meet your needs. It may be possible to meet your needs with a davit because; for example if the reach you require exceeds our recommendations, but a lower safe working load is acceptable, then we could manufacture a bespoke davit arm that meets your requirements.

This davit arm can only be used for the lifting of materials and not for the lifting of people (manriding application). To view detailed specifications, information and options on our man-riding davits please click here.
For lifting material our davits can be supplied with a manual wire rope hand winch, electric chain hoist, air hoist or hand operated chain block to suit your lifting needs and environment.

The more popular chain hoists we offer can be viewed HERE. If you have a specific requirement for a winch or chain hoist please speak to one of our sales team and we can tailor your quotation to suit - for example we can offer spark resistant and corrosion resistant units, suitable for use in hazardous environments (ATEX zone 2 etc...) The products of Selby Engineering and Lifting Safety are first choice for Specifiers and Engineers worldwide. Our davit sockets are used extensively in the chemical industry, water treatment and offshore; including the oil and gas industries. We have a wealth of experience in the development of all types of individual davits and sockets for numerous applications. 



Available in 1000KG and 5OOKG ratings for use on flat surfaces. Cover plate can be supplied if required. Surface protection hot dip galvanised to BS1461 as standard. Stainless steel 304/316 material can be supplied/manufactured.


This type of socket is fitted when a flush non-trip hazard installation is required. A cover plate is fitted as standard, secured with 3 x 8mm fasteners. Surface protection hot dip galvanised to BS1461 as standard. Stainless Steel 304/316 can be supplied/manufactured.


Vertical installation to suit 5OOKG and 1OOOKG davits. Hot dip galvanised to BS1461. In our product range we offer back plates and tiebars to accompany the wall-type sockets for use on a brick wall. We also offer these items in stainless steel 304/316.


Widely used in steel walkways where a flush installation is required to eliminate trip hazards.

This type of socket can be mounted flush within open mesh flooring section. Manufactured to suit the 500KG and 1000KG davit pins. Surface finish hot dip galvanised to BS1461 . This type of socket can be supplied in 304/316 stainless steel.

The drawings below give an indication of the style and size of davit's available, though as all our davit arm cranes are made to order the specification can be changed to meet your individual specification.

Thumbnail Image (please click to view full size image) Image Description
500kg vertical split pole davit suitable for trolley This image gives a dimensional drawing of the standard 500kg split pole lifting davit, which is suitable for use with a trolley.
500kg_surface_mounted_socket_thumb2 Dimensional drawing: 500kg SWL, surface mount lifting davit socket
500kg_wall_mounted_socket_t Dimensional drawing: 500kg SWL, wall mount lifting davit socket
500kg_cast_in_davit_socket_thumb Dimensional drawing: 500kg SWL, cast in lifting davit socket
500kg_inverted_davit_socket_t Dimensional drawing: 500kg SWL, inverted lifting davit socket

Davit Cranes With Spark Resistant Features / Explosion proof.

SELS can include any anti-sparking features that our customers specify on Davit lifting arms that we manufacture that are intended to be used in potentially explosive areas / atmospheres (Zone 1 & 2 etc...) – These features will the davit’s anti-sparking properties and therefore make the crane more suitable for use in such potentially explosive environments!

SELS will not to take the responsibility of supplying our Davit cranes described as 'spark proof' or ‘Explosion Proof’ as this is ‘too broad’ a term. We believe that total compliance is probably impossible because of the mechanical operation and movement of a davit crane; i.e. we cannot offer a 100% guarantee that no part of the assembly is capable of generating a spark capable of igniting a flame! We supply / manufacture our cranes with anti sparking features according to the requirements and specification of our customers and therefore we ask our customers to provide a detailed specification and not just ask for Saprkproof or explosion proof . Our cranes have been successfully supplied to customers in the offshore Oil and Gas industry in the UK on the basis.

Unfortunately this product has been discontinued and/or is no longer available. Please contact us for details on possible alternative products.

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