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Imer Swivel Extension (For use only with Imer scaffold hoists)

Model:  Swivelling Extension / SE-500

Imer Swivel Extension for Imer Scaffold Hoists
Guide Price £ 165.24  

Swivel Extension for Scaffold Hoists.

Using the swivelling extension with extendable bracket hoists increases the reach, with the max. carrying capacity reduced to 150kg


  • Max. Capacity: 200kg
  • Weight: 13kg
  • Width: 90mm
  • Length: 680mm
  • Height: 275mm

Important Note: This Extension bracket can only be used with...

  • 150kg Scaffold Hoist 220/110v, 25m
  • 150kg Scaffold Hoist 220v, 40m
  • 150kg Scaffold Hoist 220v. 50m
  • 200kg Scaffold Hoist 220/110v, 25m (Bracket Reduces Lifting Capacity to 150kg!!)
  • 200kg Scaffold Hoist 220/110v, 30m (Bracket Reduces Lifting Capacity to 150kg!!)

Not to be used with the 100kg Scaffold Hoist 220/110v, 20m

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