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Imer Swivel Extension (For use only with Imer scaffold hoists)

Model:  Swivelling Extension / SE-500

Imer Swivel Extension for Imer Scaffold Hoists
Guide Price £ 165.24  

Swivel Extension for Scaffold Hoists.

Not suitable for CWS Hoists or S150 Hoist

Using the swivelling extension with extendable bracket hoists increases the reach, with the max. carrying capacity reduced to 150kg


  • Max. Capacity: 200kg
  • Weight: 13kg
  • Width: 90mm
  • Length: 680mm
  • Height: 275mm

Important Note: This Extension bracket can only be used with...

  • 150kg Scaffold Hoist 220/110v, 25m
  • 150kg Scaffold Hoist 220v, 40m
  • 150kg Scaffold Hoist 220v. 50m
  • 200kg Scaffold Hoist 220/110v, 25m (Bracket Reduces Lifting Capacity to 150kg!!)
  • 200kg Scaffold Hoist 220/110v, 30m (Bracket Reduces Lifting Capacity to 150kg!!)

Not to be used with the 100kg Scaffold Hoist 220/110v, 20m

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