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Professional Use Single Sided Stepladder with Handrail and Guardrail Tool Tray - Maximum Height of 3.41m

Model:  SSS-1308

Professional Use Single Sided Stepladder
Part N° Number of Rungs Maximum Height When In Use (m) Platform Height (m) Maximum Working Height (m) Front Profile Width (cm) Total Weight (kg) Guide Price Quantity
1308-T2030 5 1.80 1.16 3.00/3.20 49.00 8.00 Quote Required
1308-T2031 6 2.03 1.39 3.23/3.43 51.00 9.00 Quote Required
1308-T2032 8 2.49 1.85 3.69/3.89 57.00 11.00 Quote Required
1308-T2033 10 2.94 2.30 4.15/4.35 62.00 13.50 Quote Required
1308-T2034 12 3.41 2.77 4.50/4.80 67.00 16.00 Quote Required
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Single Sided Stepladder.

The Regina Special is a superior aluminium stepladder with a platform with safety device, handrail and guardrail (guardrail height 60 cm), to increase user safety and confidence when working. The Regina Special also has an integral tool tray making it ideal for professional or heavy duty DIY work.

The steps are flanged and non-skid for increased strength and durability. They are strongly welded to the frame and are 8 cm wide and 25 cm apart to provide easy access for any task. The back-legs are reinforced from the 8 Tread model up. All of these ladders are very strong due to their equilateral-triangle design. The frame is ribbed and there are supports underneath the longest steps for increased strength and hardiness.

The Regina Special also features anti-opening straps which help to maintain a fixed and stable position.

This product complies with European Standard EN131 and ISO 9000

stepladder tool holder

stepladder rubber safety feet

stepladder back saefty feet
The integral tool tray makes the strong and sturdy Regina Special the ideal choice for many jobs

The Regina Special has reinforced non-skid rubber feet to increase stability

There are also back rubber feet

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