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Crosby "IPSE" Ship Section Lifting Clamp - 20,000kg or 50,000kg

Model:  Crosby IPSE / SSLC-905

Crosby IPSE Ship Section Lifting Clamp - 20,000kg to 50,000kg
Part N° Model WLL per pce (t) Jaw Depth (mm) Weight (kg) Guide Price Quantity
20 IPSE2 20 200/0-40 204 Quote Required
50 IPSE4 50 400/0-50 1090 Quote Required
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Heavy Ship Section Lifting Clamp

  • Lifting clamp IPSE is suitable for the lifting and transfer of complete ship sections.
  • The IPSE lifting clamp is fitted with a locking device for both open and closed positions, which ensures complete reliability.
  • The IPSE lifting clamp has been specially designed for compound frames, HP-, T- and -L profiles and steel plate.
  • Feelers guarantee that the clamp is positioned straight over the plate and keeps in place on the plate without any human interference.
  • Suitable for plates with a tensile strength up to 500 N/mm2.
  • An important advantage gained when using this clamp is that the manufacture, attachment and removal of hoisting eyes on ship sections is no longer required.

For correct use of the clamp, please consult fig.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions are in milimeters (mm)

Part N° Model WLL per pce Jaw (mm) Weight per pce (kg)
2705815 20 IPSE2 20 tonnes 200/0-40 204
2705834 50 IPSE4 50 tonnes 400/0-50 1090
Crosby IPSE Ship Section Lifting Clamp

Crosby IPSE Heavy Ship Sections Specification

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