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SALA "Hot Work Harness" Nomex / Kevlar Welders Fall Arrest Harness for Welding and other "Hot Work" Applications (Cutting and Grinding). With Rear 'D' Ring

Model:  KB1K-P29 / SHWH-2726

SALA Hot Work Harness
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SALA 1 Point Kevlar/ Nomex High Temperature Harness with Rear D Ring. SIZE IS MEDIUM. Conforms to EN361

Unfortnately this harness has been discontinued/superceded. Please click to be redirect to the latest version of the "Delta" 2 point fall arrest harness for Hot Work Use. Or click see our complete range of safety harnesses for a possibly suitable alternative.


This CE marked harness which conforms to EN361, is equipped with a rear fall arrest attachment point for fall protection purposes.

The DBI-SALA High temperature harness uses special webbing constructed from flame resistant Nomex® outer with a Kevlar® core, webbing with a 425°C char temperature resistance level.

This innovative webbing is as flexible and soft to the touch as any traditional webbing. So if you are welding, you want the protection of the DBI-SALA High temperature Nomex®/Kevlar® harness. It has adjustments on the chest, shoulders and legs to provide a perfect fit to give maximum comfort and safety during work.

The harness also incorporates the exclusive Patented Delta No-TangleTM design which holds the shape of the harness, adding to your comfort, and it easier to don.


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