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Sala "KH6BC100" Bosun's Chair Work Supension Seat

Model:  SBC-4675

Guide Price £ 446.00  

Sala Bosuns Chair Suspension Seat. Suitable for long and short working periods and for rescue applications.

Kh6bc100 Sala Bosuns Chair

The Sala Bosuns Chair is ideal for working for short or long periods in suspension, window cleaning, maintenance, painting, or many other suspension work applications such as confined space intervention. The use of this type of work suspension equipment should be complimented with a separate fall arrest system.

Due the ergonomic design, comfort and support offered by this seat, a user can work more efficiently for long periods of time without tiring, or suffering the negative effects of a suspension harness alone. This particular chair offers great comfort to the user.

This seat may also be used for rescue purposes, either for the evacuation of persons, or self evacuation.

Product Specifications

  • Supporting structure: 24mm dia. steel and 50 x 6mm flat bar, white galvanised finish.
  • Body support: lightweight glass reinforced polyester resin, high visibility orange finish.
  • Upper attachment point (ring): 45mm Internal Diameter, 95mm External Diameter.
  • Tool clip: left hand side, 10mm hook opening.
  • Height: 710mm
  • Width: 630mm
  • Length: 450mm
  • Net Weight: 10.6kg



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