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Protecta "Pro" Rescue Harness, Front and Rear Attachment Point and Rescue Lifting Straps, Size: S to XL

Model:  PRH-4681

Protecta Pro Rescue Harness Ab11312rng Ab11313rng Ab11314rng
Protecta Pro Rescue Harness Rear Ab11312rng Ab11313rng Ab11314rng
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Part N° Size Weight (kg) Guide Price Quantity
Small 1.19 £  72.50
Medium / large 1.25 £  72.50
X-Large 1.37 £  71.50
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"Pro" Rescue Harness, Front and rear attachment point and rescue lifting straps. Adjustment shoulders, legs and chest, standard buckles, Velcro label covers, fall indicator

For many years the Pro™ harness range has brought workers home safely whatever their job. The Protecta® Pro™ harness design offers the same stringent safety standards but with improved comfort, adjustability, webbing management and functionality.

The extensive model range remains as one of the widest in the industry. Whatever your job demands, there is a Protecta® Pro™ harness for you.

Product Features

  • Large rear D-ring.
  • Chest strap.
  • Spring loaded torso adjusters.
  • Pull down adjustment.
  • Webbing management.
  • Contrasting leg and chest strap.
  • Fall indicator.
  • Covered identification labels.
  • D-ring Locations: Back, Front, Rescue Strap
  • Padding Location: Shoulder
  • Standards: CE, EN361, EN1497.

Large rear D-ring
Easier to connect, increased safety, can be used for rescue.

Chest strap
Optimum location for connection to lanyards and systems.

Spring loaded torso adjusters
Spring loaded bar ensures no webbing slippage.

Pull down adjustment
Easier to adjust.

Webbing management
Spare webbing is stored through hip strap.

Contrasting leg and chest strap
Reduces donning time.

Fall indicator
Clear indicator which shows that the harness should be retired.

Covered identification labels
Protects labels during the life of the harness.

Protecta Pro Rescue Harness Ab11312rng Ab11313rng Ab11314rng
Protecta Pro Rescue Harness Ab11312rng Ab11313rng Ab11314rng

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