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LiftingSafety Electric, Pneumatic or Manual Suspended Work Access Mobile Gantry System - Adaptable For Long Descents

Model:  SWAGS-3539

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Aluminium or carbon steel construction man-riding gantry with no maximum working height

Our mobile / temporary access man riding Gantry system is supplied with independent fall arrest facility and a back-up manual rescue winch for applications specifically where a long lift or lowering height is required to a maximum height of 90 metres. This Gantry system is a bespoke product manufactured suit our customers individual needs with bespoke heights and widths or fully adjustable - from steel (painted / Galvanised) or from lightweight aluminium. The illustration is to help demonstrate how the system could work; it offers maximum portability and can be quickly set-up in scenarios where using a fall arrest retriever block is simply not possible due the the excessive working height. For example a fall arrest retriever inertia reel is only available up to maximum rope length of 40 metres.

The manriding hoist is available as a manual 2 speed hand winch or as electric or battery powered (Batter powered has a manual back-up handle). The longest rope that can be fitted to the hoist is 90 metres. The powered or manual hoist safety provides means of suspended man access / egress; i.e. lifting the worker in and out of the confined space.We can use other hoists with indefinite heights of lift.  (manual and electric)

When a person is suspended while working at height there is the always a risk of falling due to equipment / winch failure and therefore the manriding system should incorporate means of arresting a potential fall - The Fall arrest plan! The system must also incorporate a way to retrieve the casualty after the arrested fall - the rescue plan!The system must also incorporate a way to retrieve the casualty after the arrested fall - the rescue plan! this equipment provides both mandatory requirements.

We provide 2 x automatic fall arrest blocks to protect the manriding cage / person from falling in the event of a catastrophic failure to the primary lifting hoist. A third manual fall arrest block is provided to provide protection to the rescue winch (from shock load after a fall) and to provide fall protection during the rescue (after the fall has been arrested)

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Powered/Manual Suspended Work Access Gantry



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