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Ramsey "RPH" Hydraulic Planetary Wire Rope Recovery Winch for Pulling Applications - 3630kg or 4540kg

Model:  RPH8000 / RPH10000 / PHW-1184


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23 metre rope on standard drum and 30 metre on long drum option. Not certified for lifting applications.

Car and Commercial Recovery

This fast, powerful and reliable machine offers the latest in single-stage planetary gear design for quiet reliable operation and is designed for either foot or side mount.


  • Air shift freespool clutch with remote activation and positive engagement indicator light.
  • Radio control system to give flexibility in operating the winch up to 40m distance.
  • Electric / pneumatic control valve with manual lever and including 7m wanderlead control, heavy duty
  • 16 amp socket, electrical control system with allwiring in Armaflex protection also includes dump valve with emergency stop button ensuring compliance with EU machinery directive.
  • Hydraulic oil reservoir tank with filter sight gauge and filler cap, PTO and pump.

Features Include

  • 3630kgf line pull
    (BS7901 and DIN 15020 rating 35.6kN) and
  • 4540kgf line pull
    (BS7901 and DIN 15020 rating 42.9kN)
  • Single stage planetary gearing
    Ideally suited to slidebed and spec lift applications
  • Fast recovery speeds
    Up to 15m per minute
  • Large 100mm diameter with deep flanges
    Extends rope life and assists wrapping
  • 2 drum length options
    For RPH 8,000
  • Heavy duty roller guide assembly
    With greaseways and large diameter rollers
  • Spring loaded clutch
  • Powered cable payout
  • Braking system
    Brake and counter balance valve supplied as standard to give 100% braking efficiency
  • 12 months warranty
    On parts and service (excluding wire rope)
  • Fitting service
    Full or partial fitting can be provided, including load testing and certification
  • After sales service
    Technical advice given on winch fitting and component replacement, plus efficient overnight parts despatch and fast repairs



Individual Features




Rated Line Pull 3630kgf (BS7901 and DIN 15020 rating 35.6kN) 4540kgf (BS7901 and DIN 15020 rating 42.9kN)
Line Speed 15m/min. at 55 lt/min. 10m/min. at 55 lt/min.
Wire Rope 10mm diameter 1960N/mm2 grade 11mm diameter 1960N/mm2 grade
23m (standard drum) 30m (long drum) 30m (long drum)
Weight with roller guides 44kg (standard drum) 47kg (long drum) 49kg (long drum)

Shared Features

Gear Reduction: 5.1:1
Gear Type: Single stage planetary.
Winch Construction: Die cast aluminium end housings with steel drum.
Braking: Disc brake and counter balance valve providing full 100% braking.
Motor: Low speed, high torque.
Drum: 100mm diameter.
Drum Rotation: Clockwise, viewed from motor end (Counter clockwise option available).
Roller Guides: Heavy duty commercial type with large diameter rollers and greaseways.
Freespooling: Spring loaded lever.


This winch is not intended for the transportation of personnel and 5 wraps of wire rope must be maintained on the drum.


Each new winch is guaranteed against defects in workmanship and material defects for a period of twelve months from date of purchase.

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