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Pfaff Proline "Electric Lift and Drive" Pallet Trucks. Forks 550mm x 1150mm - Range from 1500kg to 2200kg (3 Options)

Model:  EGU P / PP-3176

Unfortunately this item has been discontinued and is no longer available. Click to be redirect to our full range of pallet trucks to find a suitable alternative.

Pfaff Electric Pallet truck EGU 22P

Multi-purpose, economical range of electric pallet trucks for professional lifting tasks up to 2200kg. These units are robustly constructed, comfortable to drive and steer and can operate in tight spaces given their compact housing chassis.

EGU 15P Proline.

Electrical drive and electrical lifting Introducing: the new champion of the electric pallet trucks within the class of light and normal duty: Small and compact with exceptional maneuverability, comfortable to drive and steer, completely electronically controlled and with its lifting capacity of 1500 kg it can really take a lot! With a total width of only 780 mm the innovative powerful unit is bursting with energy due to the standard-fitted semi-traction batteries, its driving motor performs 700 watt and the pump motor provides 800 watt.

EGU 20P Proline.

Electrical drive and electrical lifting Multi-purpose, economical electric pallet truck for professional lifting tasks up to loads of 2000kg. A compact short construction, with comfortable speed control and enhanced safety equipment. Tandem load wheels made of polyurethane ensure perfectly smooth running even over delicate floor surfaces. With its compact housing chassis measureing 572 mm you profit from its extremely tight turning radius. Its sensitive steering will give the necessary support when being operated in small areas.

  • Battery-powered drive and lifting actuation with 24V.
  • Emergency cut-off switch at shaft head.
  • Supporting wheels on both sides.
  • Protection against overload due to pressure control valve.
  • Battery 24 V/160 Ah or 230 Ah.

EGU 22P Proline.

Electrical drive and electrical lifting.
Heavy jobs easily done: our robust electric pallet truck is delivering its best – everyday! Easy handling of loads up to 2200kg or 3000kg. Due to the spring operated driving wheel it easily levels up on uneven ground and also can negotiate bay ramps. If required the EGU 22 P is ready for extraordinary performance. Please ask for our special purpose models!

Pallet trucks specifications.

Pfaff Electric Pallet truck dimensions


Type Dimensions EGU 15 P EGU 20 P EGU 22 P
Lifting capacity in tonnes   1.5 2.0 2.2
Steering-/load wheels*   PUR+SR / PUR PUR+SR / PUR PUR+SR / PUR
Wheel size front in mm   220 x 100 250 x 100 220 x 100
Supporting wheel in mm   125 x 40 125 x 40 150 x 50
Load wheel size rear in mm   80 x 80 80 x 80 80 x 80
Number of wheels front/rear X=driven   2+1X / 4 2+1X / 4 2+1X / 4
Lifting height in mm 115 115 115
Load center in mm  c 600 600 600
Fork height max. in mm  h15 200 200 200
Fork height min. in mm  h13 85 85 85
Height of steering handle in mm  h14 1450 1437 1350
Total length in mm  L1 1600 1722 1930
Total width in mm  B 780 750 790
Fork length in mm  l 1150 1150 1150
Fork width in mm  e 180 180 170
Fork height in mm  s 60 60 50
Carrying fork width in mm  b¹ 550 550 550
Clear width in mm  b³ 190 190 210
Floor/ground clearance in mm  m¹ 25 35 35
Aisle width for euro pallets in mm  Ast 1880 1920 2250
Turning radius in mm  Wa 1460 1560 1760
Drive speed loaded/unloaded in km/h   5 / 6 5 / 6 5 / 6
Lifting speed loaded/unloaded in m/sec   0.04 / 0.05 0.04 / 0.05 0.04 / 0.05
Lowering speed loaded/unloaded in m/sec   0.26 / 0.06 0.05 / 0.04 0.05 / 0.04
Max. gradient loaded/unloaded in %   8 / 15 8 / 15 8 / 15
Operating brake   electromagnetic electromagnetic electromagnetic
Drive motor rating in kW   0.7 1.3 1.2
Lift motor rating in kW   0.8 1.2 1.2
Battery according to DIN 43531   semi-traction PzS PzS
Battery voltage in V/Ah   2x12 / 90 24 / 160 24 / 160
Type of steering   pulse controlled pulse controlled pulse controlled
Battery charger in V/A   24 / 15 24 / 30 24 / 30
Weight in kg without battery   200 250 370


* Solid Rubber (SR), Polyurethane (PUR)


Pfaff Silberblau Electric pallet truck

With this manual we present to you your new Electric Stacker with electric travel. Prior to initial operation, we recommend you to carefully study the following Operating and Maintenance instructions and to consider our suggestions. This will help you to save time and costs. Appropriate handling will also guarantee permanent serviceability and long working life.
(approx. 1.3Mb)

Unfortunately this product has been discontinued and/or is no longer available. Please contact us for details on possible alternative products.

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