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Pfaff HWPHP Machine Press, Manual Hydraulic Operation - Range from 15,000kg to 50,000kg

Model:  HWPHP / PMP-3228

Unfortunately the Pfaff HWPEP Workshop Press is no long available. Click to view our full range of Hydraulic Workshop Presses, or Contact us with you requirements.


Reliability makes the difference. Anyone needing a rugged workshop press with hand pump with pressing power of 50 t for repair and assembly work will always turn to the HWPHP. Whether for pressing bearings and bushes in and out, straightening axles, beams and shafts or bending, pressing and setting up tools …this technology offers the perfect solution. It comes with an automatic piston return, 2-level hand pump, adjustable pick-up table, quick-elevating system and chrome-plated, hardened pistons. The HWPHP press with hand pump has an optimum transmission ratio, meaning that large lifting distances are covered with just a few pump movements.

Accessories for HWPHP 15 and 20 t included in delivery items.

Pfaff HWPHP Workshop press extras
Pfaff HWPHP Workshop press

Workshop Press Specifications

Type Dims   HWPHP 15 HWPHP 20 HWPHP 30 HWPHP 40 HWPHP 50
Pressing power   tons 15 20 30 40 50
Operating pressure   bar 240 320 250 330 330
Height A mm 1870 1870 1920 2010 2030
Depth B mm 500 500 600 780 850
Width C mm 940 940 1260 1335 1350
Clear width D mm 550 550 700 775 775
Clear height E mm 940 940 1000 1125 1155
Depth of frame F mm 185 185 245 258 304
Lift   mm 190 190 190 190 190
Unladen weight   kg 150 150 250 310 420
Pfaff HWPHP Workshop press Dims

Intended use: A workshop press/straightening press is a press which has a slow closing speed of 10 mm/second and a maximum pressing capacity of 10 full load/full lift presses per hour.

Unfortunately this product has been discontinued and/or is no longer available. Please contact us for details on possible alternative products.

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