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LiftingSafety LSLift-BM&BMP Battery Powered Lifting Magnets Range 1100kg to 5000kg

Model:  LLBP-4313

Lslift Bm1
Lslift Bmp
LSLift-BM Series LSLift-BMP Series
Part N° Model Capacity for Flat Material (kg) Capacity for Rounded Material (kg) Weight (kg) Guide Price Quantity
4313-T22796 LSLift-BM 1350 1350 - 60 Quote Required
4313-T22797 LSLift-BM 2500 2500 - 72 Quote Required
4313-T22798 LSLift-BM 3600 3600 - 180 Quote Required
4313-T22799 LSLift-BM 5000 5000 - 203 Quote Required
4313-T22800 LSLift-BMP 1800 1800 1100 167 Quote Required
4313-T22801 LSLift-BMP 3600 3600 2200 420 Quote Required
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For Flat & Round Material Lifting Applications

Lslift Bm These Battery Powered Lifting Magnets are compact, mobile, self-contained battery powered units. Operating on their own power sources, they are free of restricting cords and wires and have the further advantage of being usable in areas where electric power is not available. Local & cordless remote controlled battery powered lift magnets are designed for flat material handling.

These versatile lifting magnets have widespread application for lifting & handling of plates, die blocks, machined components, smooth castings, and forgings.

Standard Features and Benefits

  • Self contained lifting magnets
  • Powered by built-in 12 V battery for at least 8 hours of operation
  • Hand-held, IR remote control unit allows to operate the lifting magnet from up to 4.5 metres
  • High degree of safety
  • Bail sensor prevents magnet de-energization while lifting a load
  • Dual push buttons for RELEASE
  • Visual and audible alarms indicate low battery level
  • Magnet cannot be turned "ON" if battery charge is too low
  • Exhaustive lifting guidelines ensure a double lift capacity with respect to weight of load
  • High degree of comfort
  • Controller/battery enclosure with detachable front and back panel
  • Easy access to controller and battery for installation and inspection
  • Additional Lift and Release push buttons on front panel
  • LED display shows battery charge level when magnet is ON
  • Built-in, temperature compensated, automatic cut-off charger
  • Pocket to store remote and mains power cord
  • Clip on remote allows operator to attach to belt or pocket
  • Meets all the requirements of ANSI/ASME B30.20 (safety standard).
  • 110V AC cord and plug for built-in battery charger
  • Interlock prevents magnet de-energization when suspended in air.
  • Removable cover allows inspection of battery.
  • Pocket for IR Remote Transmitter*
  • Temperature compensated: built-in automatic cut-off charger prevents over-charging of battery.
  • Supplied with manual, pull test certificate, video, and safety poster.
  • For safety, magnet can not be turned "ON" if battery charge is too low.
  • Audible Warning Alarm and flashing light indicate low battery
  • Lighted display indicates battery charge level.
  • Uses "Deep Discharge" type low maintenance Gel Cell Battery.

IR remote

  • Single push button lift
  • Clip allows operator to attach to belt or pocket
  • Dual push button release
  • Additional remote control units available at nominal cost.


Lslift Bm1 Lslift Bmp
Type LSLift-BM 1350 LSLift-BM 2500 LSLift-BM 3600 LSLift-BM 5000
Description 3poles flat magnet 3poles flat magnet 3poles flat magnet 3poles flat magnet
L (mm) 272 400 1050 1200
W (mm) 242 242 240 300
H (mm) 460 460 460 460
Weight (kg) 60 72 180 203
Tested lifting capacity (kg) 2700 5000 7200 10000
Safe lifting capacity for flat material (kg) 1350 2500 3600 5000
Accumulator capacity (V/Ah) 13119 18598 25903 25903
Accumulator type (DIN) 43539-2 43539-3 43539-3 43539-3
Working time at 50%load (h) 8 8 8 8
Type LSLift-BMP 1800 LSLift-BMP 3600
Description 2 poles magnet with prism 2 poles magnet with prism
L (mm) 470 760
W (mm) 242 262
H (mm) 610 620
Weight (kg) 167 420
Tested lifting capacity (kg) 3600 7200
Safe lifting capacity for flat material (kg) 1800 3600
Safe lifting capacity for circular material (kg) 1100 2200
Accumulator capacity (V/Ah) 25903 25903
Accumulator type (DIN) 43539-3 43539-3
Working time at50%load (h) 8 8

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