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LiftingSafety Hydraulic Wire Rope Pulling Tensioning Winch with Optional Power Pack and Infinite Rope Length- 12000kg Capacity

Model:  1HCP-1133

LiftingSafety Hydraulic Wire Rope Pulling Tensioning Winch
Wire Rope

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Hydraulic Cable Puller / Tensioner. (Soon to be available certified for Sub-sea / ROV lifting application)

The Hydraulic Pulling Machine is operated from a 1500lbs (105bar) Hydraulic Power Pack suitable for use in deep mines or other industries where conventional pulling equipment or winches are unavailable or cannot be accommodated

  • Self articulating anchor post swivels through 360 degrees
  • Any length of pull - governed only by length of rope used
  • 12" (305mm) wire rope movement per ram cycle
  • Automatically self locking jaws- sliding jaw grips on pull cycle- fixed jaw grips on retraction
  • Each unit tested to 50% overload and provided with a test certificate, assembly & operating instructions
  • Not to be used for lifting applications.

Technical Information:

  • Overall Length: 2000mm
  • Overall assembled height: 500mm
  • Unit weight: 165kg
  • Anchor and Swivel Weight: 95kg
  • Wire rope diameter: 22.3mm
  • Wire rope minimum braking strain: 36 tonne


The versatile hydraulic pulling unit is suitable for a multitude of applications in many fields of industry where loads have to be moved or tension applied during erection, assembly or whilst carrying out other functions or work.

Some proven applications are confirmed as follows:


  • Tensioning of coal face conveyor chains.
  • Tensioning of belt conveyors.
  • Installation/salvage of roof support systems.
  • Installation/salvage of coal face conveyor sections.
  • Moving of Underground equipment.


  • Pulling together of sub assembly structures for joining.
  • Pulling of pipes, ducts and jointing.
  • Tensioning of shuttering for construction work.
  • Moving of machinery.
  • Moving of steelwork/structures.
  • Heavy vehicle recovery.
  • Demolition work.
  • Tensioning/pulling of cables.
  • Not to be used for lifting applications.
  • Underground pipe replacement and bursting operations.

Use in a marine environment / underwater (offshore use)

The manufacturer does not know of an instance where the units have been operated totally submerged in water though from a mechanical point of view, they see no operational reason why the units should not work subsea; nor can they see any reason why the rope should not work adequately under water. Please note that in time, corrosion will affect the units. Obviously the equipment must be subjected to periodic thorough examinations to ensure the machine and rope are fit for use and not subject excess corrosion. (To conform with LOLER; 12 months is the maximum period between inspections, to be reduced dependant on individual application; for example in a marine environment / offshore)

12 tonne user manual.pdf

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