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Heavy Duty Professional Telescopic Aluminium Ladder Platform and Guardrail - Maximum Height of 3.41m

Model:  HDTL-1307

Heavy Duty Professional Telescopic Aluminium Ladder Platform and Guardrail
Part N° Number of Rungs Closed Height (m) Maximum Height (m) Maximum Platform Height (m) Maximum Working Height (m) Front Profile Width (cm) Total Weight (kg) Guide Price Quantity
1307-T5152 4 1.70 1.56 0.92 2.76 / 2.96 47.00 5.50 Quote Required
1307-T5153 6 2.20 2.03 1.39 3.23 / 3.43 51.00 7 Quote Required
1307-T5154 8 2.70 2.49 1.85 3.69 / 3.89 56.50 8 Quote Required
1307-T5155 10 3.20 2.94 2.30 4.15 / 4.35 61.50 11.00 Quote Required
1307-T5156 12 3.70 3.41 2.77 4.50 / 4.80 66.50 13.50 Quote Required
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Telescopic Ladder Platform.

The Regina is a well presented aluminium stepladder, suitable for professional use and heavy duty DIY use. It features a platform and guardrail and also has a tool holder. This strong and durable ladder also has rubber feet to ensure it provides a stable platform when working, and a ribbed frame with supports underneath the longest steps, and a reinforced backside to increase the strength of the product. From the 8 step model upwards the back is reinforced. EN131 compliant.

The Regina also features anti-opening straps and flanged non-skid steps, which are 8 cm wide to increase the safety and stability of users. The distance between the rungs of the Regina is a manageable, user-friendly distance of 25 cm.

The guardrail height of the Regina is 60 cm, and the maximum capacity of the Regina is 150 kg.

ladder rubber feet for stability
ladder feet, rubber to increase stability
ladder tool holder
The reinforced rubber feet increase the ladder stability and safety of the user.
There are also rubber feet on the back feet of the ladder to further increase safety and stability.
The user-friendly Regina also features a tool holder at the top of the ladder, making this product perfect for professional jobs and heavy duty DIY.

ladder setup angles

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