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LiftingSafety 360 Degree Slew "Electric Lift" Man-Riding Davit Arm. Galvanised Modular Construction Built To Customers Specification

Model:  EPD-3509

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EN795 system with 110v, 220v, 400v Electric Powered Vertical Pole Man Riding Davit Arm with fall arrest protection and independent rescue facility

Electric Powered Davit SystemSELS offer our fully powered mobile Davit arms made from lightweight aluminium or galvanised steel for fall arrest and  man riding applications. All system are supplied with independent fall arrest and manual rescue / retrieval winch included. It is designed for maximum portability and can be make at dimensions to suit our customers working environment; both height and reach with a wide choice of sockets including bolt down, wall mounted, inverted and cast in concrete.


  • Certification: EN795 Certified Powered Davit arm for Manriding. Supplied with EC declaration of conformity and O&M Manual.
  • Height to Eye: to customers specification from socket base to raised hook.
  • Reach Required: to customers requirements from centre of the vertical pole to the from of the hook.
  • Socket Type: Customer to specify, either separate or integrated into the vertical pole.
  • Rotation Locking: Supplied with 8 position jib rotation locking mechanism.
  • Davit construction: Single piece vertical pole or split dependant on application with integrated or separate socket. Removable horizontal arm, removable inertia reel and man riding hoist.
  • Davit Security: All parts of the Davit can be security locked to deter theft
  • Davit rotation: Manual rotation assisted by folding rotation levers.
  • Davit Electric Hoist: 10 metre 110v powered Man Riding wire rope hoist with integrated rope reeler, fitted with overload alarm that will stall at 200kg to detect snagging. Fitted with upper limit switch and push button pendant control.
  • Fall arrest and rescue plan: Inertia Reel c/w Integrated Rescue winch. To arrest a fall in the event of a total failure of the primary electric lifting hoist and to raise / lower a worker in the event of a power failure.

Additional Information

The modular design of the davit arm means that it is quickly assembled then easily disassembled for transportation.

Meeting the requirements of EN795 we design the powered man riding Davit system to meet  our customers specific height safety requirements and therefore each most quotes tend to be unique.
The arrangement here shows a a 110v electric powered man-riding hoist for suspended man access, also fitted is a fall arrest inertia reel; this provides fall arrest protection (a back-up) in the event of a failure to the electric hoist, the inbuilt hand operated winch provides a means of rescue in the event of a failure to the primary hoist (Mechanical, electrical or power failure).

Contact our sales team for a quotation and for advise on equipment to suit your your needs.

Electric / Pneumatic Hoist is fitted with upper limit switch and end of rope sensor. The hoist is fitted with an overload alarm and it can be set to stall to prevent injury should the equipment or person get caught / snagged. The load at which the hoist will stall must be factory set and can be chosen by the customer.

Inappropriate Application

The man-riding gantry system is to be used for lifting of persons, with a maximum total weight of 136kg, We can also provide dual certification for lifting materials with SWL to customers requirements. Materials cannot be lifted by the powered man-riding hoist or rescue hoist and materials cannot be lifted when the system is being used for man-riding purposes. Man-riding and materials handling must be independent operations.

Different Styles

Vertical Pole Vertical Pole Lean Over
Vertical Pole Style Vertical Pole Lean Over Type
Vertical Pole Foldaway

Vertical Pole Folding Style

Socket Types

Surface Mount Socket Inverted Socket
Surface Mount Socket Inverted Socket
Wall Mounted Socket Cast in Socket with Cover Plate
Wall Mounted Socket Cast in Socket with Cover Plate

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