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Camlok TDI Coil Grabs - Range from 100kg to 1000kg

Model:  Camlok TDI / CG-372

Camlok TDI Coil Grab - 100kg to 1000kg
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Camlok Coil Handling Grabs for Lifting on the Inside of Coils.

Unfortunately the Camlok TDI Coil Grabs are no longer available.

100kg, 500kg and 1000kg capacity are available

  • Available in three versions for handling cylindrical and rectangular hollow loads.
  • Available with a range of optional jaw linings.
Model WLL Block (mm) Weight (kg)
TDI 100 100 220 - 420 17
TDI 500 500 400 - 600 53
TDI 1000 1000 500 - 700 60

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