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Automatic Latching/Lifting Hook - Range from 1000kg to 5000kg

Model:  ALH-2701

Automatic Latching and Lifting Hook

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Hook with Automatic Latching and Automatic Release Mechanisms.

alr hook

3000kg capacity Auto hook (automatic latching hook) designed as a Professional Blue Rope alterative for the raising servicing and inspecting of sump pumps in wet wells / water holes to as carried out by all water authorities in the UK.

Our Bluerope alternative is presently under development and is Patent Pending. We are also interested in developing bespoke designs for automatic lifting hooks to suit the offshore oil and gas industry.


  • The device consists of a hook shaped arm within a body. The hoisting cable attaches to a moving eye link that is constrained by the body so that it can only move in a vertical plane. The position of the hook is
    controlled by the relative positions of the hoisting eye and body.
  • The front side of the device has two loop eyes fitted; these loops can be used with a guide rope to help position the device on the lifting point of the pump.
  • The rear of the device has the control mechanism. The hook is held in the open position by a latch; this latch can be sprung to close or sprung to open by the operator depending on whether they are lifting or
    dropping off.
  • The open frame design of the device allows easy cleaning of the unit after use. Maintenance and inspection of the unit is simple with only one bolt to be removed to completely strip the unit.

Operation Instructions

alr hook parts

Lifting Materials Into Position

  • Move the selector to the open position and allow the latch to spring open. Push the hookring down into the device so that the hook opens. (Fig. 1)
  • Move the selector to the closed position so the hook is held open and fit the device to the lifting point of the material.
  • Move the selector to the open position and allow the latch to spring open.
  • Tie a suitable guide rope to the pump and pass it through the loop eyes.
  • Lift the pump just clear of the ground.
  • Move the selector to the closed position. (Fig. 2)
  • Lower the pump into position keeping the guide rope tight so that it doesn’t snag anything.
  • Once the pump is in the correct position continue to lower so the lifting eye descends into the device
  • The latch will spring over and lock the device in the open position for retrieval.
  • Lift the device clear
  • Select a suitable anchor point for the guide rope.

Lifting Materials From Position

  • With the selector in the closed position push the lifting eye down into the device, this will lock the hook in the open position.
  • Lift the device and fit it to the guide rope.
  • Position the device above the sump.
  • Move the selector to the open position.
  • Take care, lifting the body of the device now may allow the latch to spring open and the hook to close. (Fig. 3 & Fig. 4)
  • Lower the device using the guide rope to aid in locating the lifting point.
  • When the body of the device hits the top of the lifting point the latch is un-loaded and springs open.
  • Hoisting up will now close the hook around the lifting point of the pump and lift the unit.
  • The device can be removed by moving the selector to the open position and pushing the lifting eye down into the body until the latch locks the hook into the open position.
Fig. 1
Fig. 2 Fig. 3 Fig. 4

operation alr 1

alr operation 2

alr operation 3

alr operation 4

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