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SALA "Rescuematic" Automatic Evacuation Descender with Stainless Steel Housing - Rope Lengths 2m to 120m

Model:  KG1P100SSA / ADD-2798

SALA Rescumatic Auto Evacuation Descender with Stainless Steel Housing

Rope Lengths from 2 to 120m


Housing Type
Rope Core Type
Galvanised Stainless
Rope Length (m) ?
@ £6.50 (min:2,max:120) (2 included in price)

Unit Price £ 1583.00  
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Automatic Descender Device.

  • This Descent Control Device is CE marked and conforming to the standard EN341 class B.
  • This Emergency Escape Device is used for automatic, controlled descents from overhead structures, and buildings. The system alternates from clockwise to counter clockwise from descent to descent, thus allowing for multiple descents to occur.
  • The average descent speed 1meter per second.
  • It is available in 2 versions, standard use galvanised steel and stainless steel for harsh environments.
  • Supplied assembled ready to use with your required length of rope from 2 meters up to 120 meters. Factory finished permanent rope terminations connecting the 2 adjustable rescue slings in to the system. Can be mounted permanently or temporarily with provided karabiner type KJ5107 high strength screw gate attachment karabiner to the  anchorage point.

Main features

  • Automatic - controlled descents.
  • Multiple descents possible - alternates from clockwise/counter clockwise from descent to descent.
  • Descent speed : approx 1meter per second
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Supplied assembled ready to use, with anchorage karabiner, and 2 rescue slings
  • May be installed permanently or temporarily on suitable anchorage.


Ideal for situations where one or more persons are required to escape or be rescued.

  • Buildings
  • Scaffoldings
  • Cranes / towers
  • Mechanical platforms

Rescumatic device dimensions :

  • Rescumatic
    Width: 167mm
  • Height: 70mm
  • Length: 255mm
  • Rescue sling: 48mm, 100% polyester webbing, MBS 22kN : Stainless steel triangle minimum breaking strength 22kN.
  • Attachment Karabiner : Type KJ5107, high tensile alloy steel ,Zinc plated with yellow passivation, Gate opening 20mm, CE marked EN362, Breaking Strength 50kN
  • Descent speed : average 1m/s
  • Capacity : from 35kg to 136kg
  • Rope length : from 2m up to 120m
  • Net Weights -  RESCUMATIC device - 3375g
  • Karabiner - 220g
  • Rescue slings - 215g each
  • Stainless Core Cable: 140g per metre
  • Galv Core Cable: 100g per meter
  • Weight of complete 10m system : 5500g
  • Conforms to standard : EN341 CLASS B
  • Device individual serially numbered
  • System breaking Strength >12kN


  • KG1P100SSA stainless steel version, for hash environments. Comes assembled complete with 2 rescue slings, and karabiner. Order your required length of AG157/I 5mm Stainless core cable or AG107 5mm Galv. core cable at the same time.

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