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3 Section Ladder - 9.05m Maximum Working Height

Model:  3SL-1321

3 Section Ladder
Part N° Type Rungs per Section Minimum Length (m) Maximum Length (m) Working Height Free-Standing (m) Maximum Working Height (m) Total Weight (kg) Guide Price Quantity
1321-T1210 Single Ladder 2 x 14 3.90 6.90 N/A 7.70 15.6 Quote Required
1321-T1211 Single Ladder 2 x 16 4.45 7.95 N/A 8.75 20.0 Quote Required
1321-T1212 2-Part Combination Ladder 2 x 10 2.85 5.10 3.80 6.00 12.8 Quote Required
1321-T1213 2-Part Combination Ladder 2 x 12 3.40 5.80 4.35 6.65 15.3 Quote Required
1321-T1214 2-Part Combination Ladder 2 x 14 3.90 6.90 4.80 7.70 17.4 Quote Required
1321-T1215 3-Part Combination Ladder 3 x 10 2.80 6.65 4.55 7.50 19.9 Quote Required
1321-T1216 3-Part Combination Ladder 3 x 12 3.40 8.25 5.15 9.05 26.3 Quote Required
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Three section ladder.

This sturdy ladder is made for intensive use. Available as an extension ladder and a combination ladder, a stabiliser provides extra stability on the 2 and 3 part combination ladders. Unexpected sliding of the ladder is prevented by the automatic hook with safety catch. The extension of the Challenger is made easy using the rope extension system. The Challengers top rollers prevent damage to building facades and allow easy extension and retraction of the ladder (on the 3-part combination and rope operated models). User confidence and comfort are increased thanks to the deep (37mm) rungs, which are D-shaped. The red step denotes the maximum safe step height. The Challenger is EN131 compliant, has a maximum working load of 150 kg and comes with a 5 year guarantee

ladder hook safety catch The Challenger features an automatic hook with a safety catch ladder base stabilizer The stabilizer gives extra stability
deep D ladder rungs User comfort is increased thanks to the 37mm deep D-rung ladder wall rollers Wall rollers on rope operated and 3-part combination ladder

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