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Protecta "Flexa" 2 Point Elastic Fall Arrest Harness with Rear and Front 'D' Rings and Work Positioning Belt

Model:  Flexa w/Belt / 2EHWB-2814

Flexa Harness Standard Buckles
Flexa Harness Tongue Buckles
Flexa Harness Quick Buckles

Protecta Flexa Harness

Standard Buckles

Small: AB126326

Medium / Large: AB126336


Protecta Flexa Harness

Tongue Buckles

Medium / Large: AB127334

X-Large: AB127344

Protecta Flexa Harness

Quick Connect Buckles

Small: AB128326

Medium / Large: AB128336

X-Large: AB128346

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2 Point Elasticated Fall Arrest Harness with Work Positioning Belt to EN361 & EN358.

Flexa Harness Standard Buckles

With standard, tongue or quick connect buckles, front and rear fall protection points and work positioning belt

Designed for the most demanding of users, the new FLEXA range of harnesses combines safety, comfort and productivity. Elastic shoulder straps as well as articulation rings provide the user with greater freedom of movement.



  • Buckles : White zinc-plated steel
  • Red and grey straps : Polyester (Resistance : 26kN)
  • Elastic strap : Polyamide and rubber (Resistance : 22kN)
  • Thread : Polyester (>0.6N/Tex)
  • Padding : EVA foam covered with Polyamide + Urethane
  • Dorsal Plate : Polyethylene


  • Conforms to EN361:2002 and EN358:2002 standards

Buckle Type

Standard Buckles Tongue Buckles Quick Connect Buckles
standard buckles tongue buckles quick connect buckles

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