Weld-on Lifting Hooks

Weld-on Lifting Hooks
Quick Ref: CN-1908


Crosby BH313 Weld-On Hoist Hooks. Our range of Crosby BH313 Weld-On Hoist Hooks have a wide range of sizes available: 1-10 Metric Ton capacity, they are forged alloy steel and are designed for attachment to mobile lifting equipment to provide a pick point for easy sling attachment and have a large weld pad. Heavy duty latch interlocks with the hook tip. Replacement latches available. Detailed installation and application instructions are included with each hook

Weld-on Hooks with return spring catch.

A range of weld on hooks with 7 options from 1 tonne to 10 tonne SWL. Yale ASH Weld On Hooks are a universal attachments for use on trucks, excavators, low loaders, and spreader beams, etc. The hook and safety latch are epoxy resin coated for added corrosion protection and the return spring is made from stainless steel. The hook is welded in position then proof load tested after installation.

Yale ASH Weld On Hooks are available in the following sizes - 1t, 3t, 5t, 8t.

With Curved Welding Plate Gunnebo UKN Weld-On Hook Range From 750kg to 15,000kg, With Curved Welding Plate

Weld-on Hook VABH-W/VCGH-S Perfect for static hook applications.

Yoke Weld On Hook (Excavator Hook), Grade 8, to EN1677-1

The Yoke Excavator hook is a lifting hook that can be welded on to any suitably strong enough steel anchorage - remember, the supporting structure must also be strong enough and stable enough to support the load to be lifted.

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