Tractel Hand Chain Hoists, Hook Suspended (manual hoists)

Quick Ref: CN-1776

The Tractel Tralift range of hand chain hoists offer a great balance between quality and price, these are an industrial standard piece of lifting equipment at a competitive price though are a very popular piece of lifting equipment often the choice for our industrial customers all over the globe. Tractel are the manufacturer and they are an international lifting equipment manufacturer with an excellent reputation for producing top quality products. Used for lifting and positioning a load the Tralift robust designed range of hand chain hoists is offered on-line from 250kg SWL to 20 tonne capacity and all supplied with a swivel top hook assembly. The lifting hook has an overload deformation indicator and uses heavy duty bearings and we also offer a load limiter is required. We look forward to receiving your valued enquiry.

Tractel  Hand Chain Hoists, Hook Suspended (manual hoists)

High quality lightweight reliable low maintenance manual chain hoist and hooks with 360° swivel.

Tralift Manual Chain Hoist from Tractel has a Hook suspension with 360° swivel, Tested to 150% of WLL, Automatic brake with double pawl system.

Self-lubricating chain, corrosion resistant, made to standard NFE 26-010 (resists marine mists >800 h. and temperatures to 280° C). Optional load limiter.

Available in sizes 250kg, 500kg, 1000kg, 1500kg, 2000kg, 3000kg, 5000kg, 10,000kg and 20,000kg.

Durable hoist chain collector bag designed to hold excess load chain, quick and easy to fit, with a simple snap hook means of attachment to hoist body.

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