Swaging Machines

Quick Ref: CN-1289
Swaging Machines

Crosby national hydraulic swaging machine/press.

This is a dual hydraulic system which combines the use of high speed and low pressure to bring dies into position; and the low speed and high pressure necessary for ideal swaging control. Adjustable tonnage control, so tonnage can be set to match die block Working Load Limit.

Vertical swage action which gives an equalized press on the fitting to produce uniform high quality.


Swaging Compound.

For use on 416, 417, 427 & 517 spelter sockets only. 100% termination efficiency. Temperature operating range is -65 F to +240 F. Ideal for on-site applications. No hazardous molten metal. Improved fatigue life. Pouring temperature without booster pack is 48 F to 110 F.

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