SALA Fall Arrest Lanyards - Single Leg

Quick Ref: CN-1593
SALA Fall Arrest Lanyards - Single Leg

Energy absorbing strap with polyamide webbing Sala Sanchoc 2m Webbing with Absorbing strap and 45mm polyamide webbing. Available in one size of 2m. Energy absorber Absorbing strap. polyamide webbing L = 45mm. Engaging peak force 2 kN. Impact force reduction. Webbing Polyamide Width = 45mm - sewn Strength > 2000 daN Hooks Strength A/B >2500 daN High strength forged steel Opening: A= 50mm - B= 17mm A : nickle - plated B : White colour electro-zinc-pla
Sala 1.25m or 1.75m shock absorbing webbing lanyard for fall arrest with a trianglular screw link for attachment to a harness. SALA Webbing Energy Absorbing Fall Arrest Lanyard with integral energy absorber CE marked and conforming to the standard EN355. Highly resistant polyester webbing. 'ZORBA' energy absorber, incase of a fall, reduces forces to around 4.5kN, with elongation of around 1.5 meters. Comes with semi-permanent triangular screw link*. Available in 2 base lengths, 1.25m and 1.75m. Individual serially numbered, for quality control purposes. Large choice of compatible connectors available.
Single Leg 1.8m Tie Back Lanyard. Ties Back onto a sliding connector on the lanyard. Lanyard is made from 43kN polyester web, with abrasion resistant tubular webbing covers. End connection is a snap hook which features a strong 16kN gate strength, and allows connection to movable D-rings, which adjust to anchor around various structures on a job site. Abrasion resistant tubular webbing covers a 43kN. polyester web for the ultimate in durabilit. Complies with EN355.
2 Single Leg 1.8m Tie Back Lanyard. Ties Back anywhere along length of lanyard.

Unique hook with 22kN strength gate is specifically designed for tie-back use Ergonomic and easy-to-use design provides smooth one-handed operation. Open and connect with no pinching of fingers even while wearing gloves. Eliminates the need for a separate anchorage connector reducing inventory and cost. Heavy-duty webbing provides five times more abrasion resistance for added safety. Complies with CE – EN355

1.9m Shock Absorbing Fall Arrest Lanyard. Length: 1.90m Webbing: Black Nomex®/Kevlar®, 45mm width Breaking Strength: 31kN Yellow coated web: 25mm (28mm after coating), 43.5 kN breaking strength, polyurethane coating Aluminum and stainless steel scaffold hooks 60mm opening, 22.2kN strength Capacity 140kg Weight 1.855kg Standards Meets or exceeds all applicable standards including CE - EN 355, OSHA and ANSI Z359.1-2007

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