RUD Weld-on “Swivel” and "Pivot" Lifting Eyes and Weld Down Lashing Points

Quick Ref: CN-1924


RUD WPPS Weldable Swivel Lifting Points. Lifting points for welding with a universal connection for every slinging means (hook and ring assemblies, endless sling chains, round slings, loops, etc): Provided with a double ball-bearing which enables jerk - free tilting, swivelling and turning.
The optimised design avoids the damaging of both the slinging means and the precious load when swivelling. Version WPP-S:

180° Pivoting Load Rings for Welding The load ring, ready for welding, VLBS / LBS is prepared for the direct welding at the transport goods. The welding block (made of easy weldable material 1.0577+N St. 52-3) has been provided with distance nabs as gap indication for the weld and stamped with the WLL identification number. The load bracket can be tilted by 180°, made of high-tensile material, 100% crack detected and thus overall loadable. By a protected spring, the suspension bracket can be maintained in every position; the parts are connected with each other in an unloosable way.

Stainless Steel Weld-On Load Ring. A stainless steel load ring for welding made of the material 1.4571 (stainless steel). In it's welded condition this is resistant against inter-crystalline corrosion, when being used in permanent operation, up to 400°C.

The chemical resistance and resistance against pitting by chloride media has been increased due to the Mo contents, and for this reason, the material 1.4571 is widely used in the chemical industry, petroleum, coal-tar chemistry and textile industries.

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