RUD Weld-on “Swivel” and "Pivot" Lifting Eyes and Weld Down Lashing Points

Quick Ref: CN-1924


RUD WPPS Weldable Swivel Lifting Points.

Lifting points for welding with a universal connection for every slinging means (hook and ring assemblies, endless sling chains, round slings, loops, etc): Provided with a double ball-bearing which enables jerk - free tilting, swivelling and turning.
The optimised design avoids the damaging of both the slinging means and the precious load when swivelling. Version WPP-S:

180° Pivoting Load Rings for Welding

The load ring, ready for welding, VLBS / LBS is prepared for the direct welding at the transport goods. The welding block (made of easy weldable material 1.0577+N St. 52-3) has been provided with distance nabs as gap indication for the weld and stamped with the WLL identification number. The load bracket can be tilted by 180°, made of high-tensile material, 100% crack detected and thus overall loadable. By a protected spring, the suspension bracket can be maintained in every position; the parts are connected with each other in an unloosable way.

Load ring with captive spring for welding, especially for pipes and tubes.

Rud 180° Pivoting Load Rings for Welding, for temperatures down to -45°C

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