Ridgegear Synthetic Rope Auto Descenders

Quick Ref: CN-1651
Ridgegear Synthetic Rope Auto Descenders

Automatic desender small device.

Ridgegear RGR9 Auto Descender is used in conjunction with an escape harness or rescue sling. Also is one of the smallest automatic escape devices in the world. Self rescue apparatus by means of which, one or more persons ( one after the other) can be lowered and a controlled speed.

Reciprocating evacuation descender allows for multiple emergency evacuation from height at a controlled rate.

Ridgegear RGR8 Reciprocating Descender is a lightweight and easy to carry to the descent area, the RGR8 is supplied with rope measured to the exact height of descent (up to a height of 100m). The rope is supplied with two spliced eyes which can be fitted to either a rescue loop or a harness. It can also fit a combination wire/fibre rope which is a requirement for certain offshore installations. Available as either the Reciprocating Descender only or Reciprocating descender with rope.

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