Crosby Weld-on “Non-Swivelling” and "Non-Pivoting" Lifting Eyes and Weld Down Lashing Points

Quick Ref: CN-1929


Crosby weld on pad eyes / lifting eyes.

The Crosby S264 Pad Eye is forged Steel, Quenched and Tempered and can be used to lift loads in the vertical plain. Approximate lifting capacities are from 650lbs (295kg) to 7200lbs (3265kg). They are forged from 1035 Carbon Steel and have excellent welding qualities.

Crosby Pad Eyes are lifting eye bolts for welding on to a suitable support structure to create a certified lifting point, they are designed to be attached to any structure, equipment, vehicles or machinery in which there is a need or desire for an eye, without the drilling and/or threading required for an threaded shank eyebolt.

Crosby BH313 Weld-On Hoist Hooks. Our range of Crosby BH313 Weld-On Hoist Hooks have a wide range of sizes available: 1-10 Metric Ton capacity, they are forged alloy steel and are designed for attachment to mobile lifting equipment to provide a pick point for easy sling attachment and have a large weld pad. Heavy duty latch interlocks with the hook tip. Replacement latches available. Detailed installation and application instructions are included with each hook

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