Camlok Automatic Lifting and/or Release Hooks

Quick Ref: CN-1879
Camlok Automatic Lifting and/or Release Hooks

Auto Lifting Hooks. SWL to customers specification. This is our unique 'Auto Release Hook' (Patent pending) that will be available as 1, 2 or 3 tonne SWL or at bespoke capacity to suit our customers' requirements. The auto hook is designed to automatically release a load when the load reaches the floor without the need for manual intervention. The automatic lifting hook will be incorporated in to an existing lifting machine or as an accessory, for example as a swivel hook and will be CE certified.
Hook with Automatic Latching and Automatic Release Mechanisms.

3000kg capacity auto hook (automatic latching hook) designed as a professional blue rope alterative for the raising servicing and inspecting of sump pumps in wet wells or water holes, as carried out by all water authorities in the UK.

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