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Tractel DynaSafe UNIVERSAL load limiter HF 32 series - Rope Diameters 5mm - 36mm

Model:  Tractel DynaSafe / TD-3346

ht32 dynasafe
HT32 Dynasafe HT32 Dynasafe In Use
Trip Points
Part N° Model Rope Diameter mm Capacity daN Guide Price Quantity
3346-T6785 HF32/2/A from 17 - 26 6000 £  982.03
3346-T6786 HF32/3/A from 27 - 36 12000 £  1286.52
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This mechanical load cell has been designed to provide a trip point for lifting systems which have a dead end wire rope.

The trip point provides a signal that the user may employ depending on his requirements, e.g.

  • for load limiting in lifting systems,
  • to limit the speed as a function of the load on traversing,
  • to limit the effort applied for pulling.

This universal load cell is recommended for its simplicity and quick-lifting capability.

Operating Principle

The load cell operates by the movement of metal within its elastic limits. This movement acts on an adjustable switch giving an “all-or-nothing signal. The position of the adjustable pin sets the capacity range. The central “UNIVERSAL” fixing bracket is adapted to suit wire ropes from 5 to 16 mm (model HF32/1) and from 17 to 26 mm (model HF32/2).


Components of the load cell

dynasafe components
  • A - 2 m connecting cable.
  • B - Flat washer.
  • C - Adjusting pin.
  • D - Locking ring.
  • E - Load cell body.
  • F - Locking nut.
  • G - Tare screw.
  • H - Traction part.
  • I - Safety washer.
  • J - Tightening screw.
  • K - Tightening bracket.
  • L - Rubber compression pad.
  • M - Wire rope.
  • N - Fixing screws for circuit - breaker (Do not touch).

Operating and Safety Instructions.

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