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Camlok RP Rail Pulling Clamp - Range from 1500kg to 5000kg

Model:  Camlok RP / RPC-3029

Camlok RP Rail Pulling Clamp - 1500kg to 5000kg
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Camlok RP series rail pulling clamp, specifically designed to pull and position rails.

RP Rail Pulling Clamp

Unfortunately the Camlok RP Clamps are no longer available. Please see our range of pulling clamps for a possible alternative.

Camlok Rail Pulling Clamps have been designed for use when positioning rail sections. They are designed to fit most sizes of rail section in use today. To pull a section of rail, you simply fit the clamp over the rail head, at the end of the section, and tight en the threaded bar until it is clamped on to the rail web.

Once connected, the clamps are ready to use, simply by attaching the hook of the pulling chain to the top of the clamp, and starting to pull. To Release the clamp, it is just a case of unscrewing the threaded bar and lifting the clamp from the rail section.


Model Number of Rails WLL (kg) Weight (kg)
RP1.5 1 1500 6
RP3.0 1 3000 8
RP5.0 1 5000 13

Note: Chain and Hook shown in image NOT included.

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