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Miller "Rope Access" Rescue From Height Kit with Many Optional Accessories to suit most Scenarios - Rope Lengths from 25 to 200 Metre

Model:  RARK-2162

ProAlp Manual Descender 1.5m Anchorage Sling  Rope Bag

Optional Extras

Casualty pulley system and ascender Telescopic rescue pole Edge Protectors Helmet Pulley Wheel Tag Line Scorpion PFL for Horizontal Use
Rope Length
Casualty Pulley System
Rescue Pole
Pulley Wheel
Tag Line
Scorpion PFL
Edge Protectors, Quantity
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Miller Troll Remote Rescue Kit.

  • High Access Rescue Kit
    The high access rescue kit is EN341 compliant and is suitable for heights up to 200 metres. Designed to rescue a casualty left suspended after a fall from height by a person or persons where rescue is not part of their usual working role, though it is also perfectly suitable for a professional rescue team.
  • The High access rescue kit can either be used with the remote rescue pole, meaning that the rescuer will not need to use rope access skills or you can choose to descend to the casualty.
  • What sets us apart from our competitors is that our primary business is sales of equipment and not profiteering from Training packages; therefore we offer ‘Train The Trainer’. We train your representative to cascade train your staff, potentially saving many thousands of pounds.
  • If you are looking for a less technical more versatile alternative please look at our AG10 rescue kit which although not the cheapest solution this is probably the easiest to operate. More importantly, you will remember how it is used in the event of a fall in 6 months time; requires no specialist tools, rope access skills or power source required.
  • Provides a fast efficient rescue - on average a rescue takes less than 10 minutes
  • The telescopic rescue pole makes it easy to connect to the suspended person, even when they are unconscious. A lightweight and portable rescue kit that can be enhanced to suit your working environment. Used to rescue a casualty incapacitated when working at height, for example, after a heart attack when working on the bridge of a crane (not fallen)
  • The industrial High access rescue kit is suited to most rescue situations after falls at height in all types of industry, for example, construction sites, general engineering maintenance, window cleaning, aviation, offshore, scaffolding, overhead crane maintenance, steel erectors, tower cranes, telecommunications (telecom), crane maintenance, mobile elevated working platforms, etc, etc.
Standard Features:
ProAlp with rope 1.5m Anchorage Sling Rescue bag rope
ProAlp Manual Descender
Complete with Sling and Karabiners
Model: 1007057
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1.5m Anchorage Sling
Protective Sheath Supplied As Standard (not shown)
Model: 1002919
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Rope Bag (may differ from advertised dependant on rope length)
Supplied As Standard
Model: 1010195, 1010194
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Optional accessories:

Miller Casualty Pulley System

Extendable, Remote Casualty Emergency Rescue Pole For Falls From Height Miller Troll Edge Protection Roller for Rope

Casualty pulley system and ascender
To raise a casualty to remove his fall arrest lanyard then descend the casualty to safety – this kit is suitable for two people to descend at once, the rescuer and casualty; though it also can be used to lower the casualty only.

Telescopic rescue pole
To remotely connect the rescue rope to the casualty without the need to descend down to the casualty
Edge Protectors
To protect the rescue rope over a sharp or abrasive edge
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Helmet Pulley Wheel Tag Line Scorpion PFL for Horizontal Use
Certified for side impact, for the rescuer, and helps to keep casualty conscious after fall.A peakless design giving greater field of vision. Fitted with chin strap.
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Pulley Wheel
Used to deflect the AG10 rope to give the best (usually overhead) position to rescue the casualty
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Tag Line
Connects to the casualty so that a helper below can pull the casualty clear from any obstructions when not descending with the casualty
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Scorpion PFL for Horizontal Use
To Provide fall protection to the rescuer
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Operating Procedure:
  • The karabiner which is connected to the rescue rope is connected to the end of the telescopic rescue pole.
  • The rescuer then extends the pole and clips it into the same harness D ring to which the existing lanyard is attached.
  • With a sharp pull the rescue pole is released leaving the casualty attached to the rescue rope.
  • The casualty is then raised with the Miller casualty pulley system. The casualty is then connected to the ProAllp descender, the existing lanyard is then released and the casualty is lowered to safety.
  • Alternatively the rescuer could also be connected to the ProAllp and lower himself and the casualty to safety
Further Optional Extras:

More Products can be added to to this kit to enhance the suitability to your industry and suit your individual needs and requirements, please contact us for further information.

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