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Miller "ProALLP" Manual Technical Descender To Suit Kernmantle Rope - Diameter 10 to 13mm

Model:  Miller Pro ALLP / PTD-2169

Miller ProALLP Manual Technical Descender
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Manual Tech Descender.

ProALLP Tech Descender

  • Miller-Troll manual descenders are designed for rope access work where the worker manually controls his descent.
  • For maximum safety, the manual descenders feature an emergency braking system.
  • When blocked on the rope the manual descender can be used to position and hold the operator at a particular point.
  • This new generation descent device offers maximum control and versatility within the areas of technical access, rescue and intervention.
  • Designed to hold up to two people (max. 250kg) in a rescue scenario.
  • Option of both screw and auto-lock controlled-rate rope descent.
  • Includes ascender, belay brake, tensioned line brake and hauling system brake function.
  • Suitable for 10-13mm kernmantel rope. Conforms to EN12841-c.

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