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Camlok CFM or CFA Automatic or Manual Crane Forks with Steel Safety Cage - 1000kg and 2000kg capacity (4 Options)

Model:  Camlok CFA CFM / CFSC-398

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Crane Forks and Safety Cage.

Cfa Self Balance Crane Forks
Lowering to Safety Cage

The Camlok CFM/CFA crane forks are not longer available. Please see the manual balance and automatic balance crane forks without the safety cage as a possible alternative.

  • Forks lock into cage for safe high level handling.
  • Lifts palletised loads of bricks, blocks and bags etc.
  • Supplied with self-weight balance or manual balance mechanism.


Model WLL Balance Type Weight (kg)
CFM/C1 0-1000kg Manual 190
CFA/C1 200-1000kg Self Balance 180
CFM/C2 0-2000kg Manual 215
CFA/C2 400-2000kg Self Balance 205
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