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Camlok OBG150 Bottle Grab Clamp - 150kg Capacity

Model:  BG-3594

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Camlok OBG150 Bottle Grab Clamp - 150kg Capacity
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Camlok semi-automatic latch bottle grab / cylinder lifter, designed to handle gas bottles or round materials such as bar or tube.

Camlok Bottle Grab

Unfortunately the OBG Bottle Grab is no longer available.

The Camlok OBG Bottle Grab has been designed to handle gas bottles or round materials such as bar or tube. It is fitted with a semi-automatic latching system and has been designed to avoid stress on the bottle valve & threads. Working on the scissor grip principles the grab has replaceable large swivelling rubber lined jaws, which ensure a firm & parallel hold on the bottle when lifted vertically. The OBG-150 has been designed to lift the most popular sizes of Acetylene and Oxygen bottles. Models designed to suit other diameters are available. Various jaw lining materials are available


Model Capacity Pipe Dia. Weight
OBG-150 150kg 210 - 240mm 12kg


Dimensional Drawing

General Safety Instructions

  • When not in use always store the grab on the floor away from any danger:
    • Of collision by fork lift trucks and other machines
    • Away from walkways and gangways
    • Away from effects of wind and rain
  • Never try to lift a load larger or smaller than specified.
  • Always check the operation of your 'Camlok' grab before use.
  • Never use a worn or damaged 'Camlok' grab.
  • Never exceed the maximum working load limit.
  • Never fast lower always gently lift and lower.
  • Never manoeuvre the grab over anybody whether loaded or unloaded.
  • Always keep a record of inspections and repairs
  • Take care when lowering that load will be stable when released from the grab.
  • Stand clear of the load when lowering.

Inspect the grab regularly for:

  • Smooth operation.
  • Signs of wear.
  • Signs of overloading.
  • Efficient engagement / disengagement of latch.
  • Damage and wear of the rubber lined jaws if fitted.

Loading Manual latch

Position the grab over the centre of the load.
Lower the grab onto the load and lift the latch handle.
Hoist up to grip the load. DO NOT hold any part of the grab whilst lifting or lowering.
If the grab requires repositioning lower the hoisting sling until slack. This will re-engage the latch


Never stand under a suspended load and if guiding a load by hand always place the palm of the hand on top of the load.
Never grip the load with fingers on the underside.
Always stand clear when lifting or lowering.
Position the hoist above the drop point, DO NOT tries to push or pull the load into a position that the normal hoist travel cannot reach.


Lower the load slowly and gently. Continue to lower until the lifting sling is slack. This will engage the latch.
Take care when lowering that the load will be stable when it is released from the grab.
Take care when lowering that the grab has sufficient room to open completely.

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