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SALA Webbing Energy Absorbing Fall Arrest Lanyard With Choice of Scaffold Hook or Snap Hook - 1.25m or 1.75m

Model:  KE51x5W / SFAW-3258

Lanyard Reference Diagram
60mm Aluminium Scaffold Hoo
Aluminium Snap Hook
1.25 or 1.75m Webbing Lanyard

Aluminium Scaffold Hook

Aluminium Snap Hook
Part N° Lanyard Type Weight (kg) Guide Price Quantity
'Zorba' 27mm. webbing 1.25m with steel screw delta link 11mm opening. i-Safeâ„¢ equipped 0.46 Quote Required
'Zorba' Kevlar® webbing 45mm. 1.75m with steel screw delta link 11mm opening i-Safe™ equipped 0.60 Quote Required
'Zorba' 27mm webbing. 1.75m with steel screw delta link 11mm opening. i-Safeâ„¢ equipped 0.48 Quote Required
'Zorba' 27mm webbing. 1.85m with steel screw delta link 11mm opening and aluminium snaphook 21mm opening. i-Safeâ„¢ equipped 0.76 Quote Required
'Zorba' 27mm webbing 1.95m with steel screw delta link 11mm opening and aluminium scaffold hook 60mm opening. i-Safeâ„¢ equipped 0.96 Quote Required
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Sala 1.25m or 1.75m shock absorbing webbing lanyard for fall arrest with a trianglular screw link for attachment to a harness.

Lanyard with integral energy absorber CE marked and conforming to the standard EN355.

Lanyard base available in 2 lengths 1.75m and 1.25m which are equipped with a triangular screw link* for attachment to a harnesses fall arrest point. The lanyard may be equipped with a choice of connectors from the Sala range, see the reverse of this sheet for connector compatibility.

Manufactured from highly resistant polyester webbing, this is the general purpose fall arrest lanyard that suits most situations.

Lanyard Features

  • Highly resistant polyester webbing.
  • 'ZORBA' energy absorber, incase of a fall, reduces forces to around 4.5kN, with elongation of around 1.5 meters.
  • CE marked – EN355.
  • Comes with semi-permanent triangular screw link*.
  • Available in 2 base lengths, 1.25m and 1.75m.
  • Individual serially numbered, for quality control purposes.
  • Large choice of compatible connectors available.
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Main Applications

Specifically designed as a lanyard for fall arrest situations.

  • Mast towers.
  • Pitched roof's.
  • Flat roof.
  • Scaffold/steel work.
  • Structural steel.

Associated Products

This lanyard must be used the following products.

Technical Specifications

  • Yellow lanyard webbing - 27mm width,100% polyester, breaking strength >3000 daN.
  • Blue absorber webbing - 43mm width, 100% polyester, breaking strength >2400 daN.
  • White absorber webbing - 45mm width, polyester and polyamide construction, Initial tear out threshold >2kN, dynamic energy tear out threshold <6kN.
  • Thread - High strength, 100% polyester.
  • Triangular screw link* - Breaking strength > 2750 daN, 8mm diameter, steel with white zinc plating finish.
  • Individual serially numbered.
  • Conforms to standard - EN355.
  • System breaking Strength >15KN.
  • KE5125W - 1.25m Length, 425g weight.
  • KE5175W - 1.75m Length, 455g weight.

*Screw links or semi-permanent links are not designed to be opened during the course of work. They should always be closed with the addition of a thread locking compound, using a suitable spanner.


The following factory manufactured permanent connector options are available (AT LANYARD END).

  • Steel snap hook with 20mm opening and 23kN resistance. Hook adds 10mm to lanyard length.
    Snap Hook
  • Aluminium scaffold hook with 60mm opening and 25kN resistance. Hook adds 20mm to lanyard length.
    Scaffold Hook
Lanyard Reference Diagram

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