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SALA "Leading Edge" Mobile Fall Arrest Anchor System, Automatically Rotates. Tensioned with Ratchet Strap

Model:  2105503 / LEA-3003

Ratchet Tie Down
SALA Leading Edge Anchor Tripod
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Leading Edge Anchor tripod for Pre-Cast Concrete.

Leading Edge Anchor Tripod

The first fall protection system designed for personnel who perform work on pre-cast concrete. Compact and Lightweight Design makes installation, use and removal quick and easy. A pair of these could also be used as anchors for a temporary horizontal lifeline.

Personal Fall Arrest System

The swiveling roof anchor is designed to be used in conjunction with the SALA Ultra-Lok SRL's. Other SALA PFAS’s can be used with this tripod, please contact our technical sales team on 01977684600 for further information.


The roof anchor is designed for use by one person with a personal fall arrest system (PFAS).


This anchorage connector is intended to be installed on concrete structures. The anchorage to which the roof anchor is installed must meet minimum strength(s) as given below for the applications selected:

  1. Fall Arrest:
    The loads applied to the roof anchor from personal fall arrest systems are magnified by the design of the roof anchor. The Concrete Swiveling Roof Anchor requires anchorages that are able to support 44.4kN (10,000 lbs.) in a vertical direction (2A) and 22.2kN (5,000 lbs.) GB9 horizontally (2B) for fall arrest applications.
  2. Restraint:
    The loads applied to the roof anchor from personal fall arrest systems are magnified by the design of the roof anchor. The Concrete Swiveling Roof Anchor requires anchorages that are able to support 2722 kg (6,000 lbs.) for restraint applications in a vertical (2A) position and 1361 kg. (3000 lbs.) in a horizontal position. Anchorages used for attachment of personal fall arrest systems (PFAS) shall be independent of any anchorage being used to support or suspend platforms.

Locking Speed of SRL:

Situations which do not allow for an unobstructed fall path should be avoided. Working in very confined or cramped spaces may not allow the body to reach sufficient speed to cause the SRL to lock should a fall occur. Working on slowly shifting material such as loose shingles may not allow enough speed build-up to cause the SRL to lock. A similar situation may occur on low pitched roofs where a worker may slide instead of fall. A clear path is needed to assure positive locking of the SRL.

Environmental Hazards:

Use of this equipment where environmental hazards exist may require additional precautions to reduce the possibility of injury to the user or damage to the equipment. Hazards may include, but are not limited to:

  • Corrosion:
    Use near sea water or other corrosive environments may require more frequent inspections or servicing (replacement) to assure corrosion damage is not affecting the performance of the product.
  • Chemicals:
    Solutions containing acids, alkali, or other caustic chemicals, especially at elevated temperatures may cause damage to this equipment. Consult Capital Safety if doubts exists concerning installing this equipment where chemical hazards are present.
  • Electrical:
    Do not install the roof anchor where it or the user may come into contact with electrical power lines.

Compatibility of Components

This equipment is designed for use with Sala/Protecta components and subsystems only.


LiftingSafety Review:
We believe this Sala portable fall arrest anchorage swivel to be unique having never seen anything similar by any other height safety manufacturer. The tripod can be placed above an eye bolt or other suitable anchorage structure and then secured by the really simple though effective ratchet strap tensioning system. There is a swivel in the middle of the tripod allowing the inertia reel to adjust automatically to the direction of the person working of the fall.

User Manual

User Manual for Leading Edgge Anchor
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