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SALA "Ultra-Lok" Fall Arrest Inertia Reel Block (Fall Limiter) Galvanised or Stainless Steel Cable Lanyard with Swivel Snap Hook - Range from 6m - 26m

Model:  SALA Ultra-Lok / 6IR-2764

SALA Ultra-Lok Fall Arrest Inertia Reel Block
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Unfortunatley this page has now expired. Please click to be redirect to the updated range of Sala 'Ultra-Lok' Self Retracting Lifelines, with Optional Lifeline Material, and Length Options.


This Self Retracting Lifeline (SRL) with internal energy absorption system is CE marked and conforming to the standard EN360.

SRL’s extend and retract automatically, allowing the user move and work within a recommended working area, at peek efficiency and comfortably at normal speeds.

This is one of the new generation of SRL’s to be developed by SALA. It offer maximum comfort and minimal weight thanks to its Glass filled polyurethane, housing (6m, 9m, 15m models, 26m model uses an aluminium housing) All models use corrosion resistant stainless steel working components.

Available in 4 lengths 6m, 9m, 15m and 26m, using 5mm diameter either galvanised cable or stainless steel cable. The end of the cable is equipped with a double action snap hook for attachment to a harnesses fall arrest point. This double action snap hook has a built in swivel and fall arrest indicator.

The Reserve lifeline system built in to this SRL insures even at the end of the cables travel, should the user fall the devices energy absorption system functions correctly.

For added security Sala have added to the UltraLok an anti-ratcheting twin-disc brake system, with an audible indication that the device is functioning correctly. The anti-ratcheting mean once the devices pawls have engaged on to the break, a certain amount of lifeline must be retracted into the device, before the paws can disengaged.

Main features

  • Lightweight Glass filled polyurethane housing
  • Internal energy absorption system, in case of a fall, reduces forces to under 6kN, with fall height of under 2 meters.
  • Available in 4 lengths 6m, 9m, 15m and 26m
  • 5mm diameter galvanised or stainless steel cable
  • Double action swivel connector, with Fall indicator, opening 18 mm
  • Reserve lifeline system
  • Audible indicator for correct function
  • Double anti-ratcheting pawls


Designed for the following fall arrest situations, working within a recommended working area.

  • Pole work
  • Mast/tower work
  • Scaffolding/steel work
  • Structural steel
  • Confined spaces

Associated Products

This Self Retracting Lifeline must be used with the following products:

  • An Anchorage system conforming to EN795.
  • A full body fall arrest harnesses conforming to EN361.
  • It may be used with either the front or rear fall arrest point on the harness.

Technical Specification

  • Housing -6,9 & 15m models Glass filled polyurethane, with aluminium side plates. 26m model - cast aluminium, painted finish
  • Drum - Aluminium
  • Fasteners and locking Pawls - stainless steel
  • Main shaft - stainless steel
  • Main spring - stainless steel
  • Galvanised cable – 5mm diameter Minimum tensile strength >19kN
  • Stainless cable – 5mm diameter Minimum tensile strength >16kN
  • Internal energy absorption system limits forces generated in a fall to <6kN.
  • Double action swivel snap hook at end of cable – Forged steel body and swivel, pressed steel Gate. Zinc plated with yellow passivation. Gate opening 18 mm. With built in impact indicator.
  • 360° swivel upper anchorage point –Steel with Zinc plated with yellow passivation. Internal diameter 16.5mm.
  • 500mm of emergency reserve cable, built into device, with reserve cable activation mark on cable.
  • Individual serially numbered
  • Conforms to standard – EN360
  • System breaking Strength >12KN

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