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Imer ET300 Free Standing Gantry Hoist, 220 or 110v, 25m Working Height - 300kg Capacity

Model:  ET 300 / 32HGH-466

Imer ET300 Free Standing Gantry Hoist
110v 1ph 50Hz 220v 1ph 50Hz
Not required Yes please

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Single Phase Scaffold Hoist with optional gantry that provides free standing cantilever lifting.

The Imer ET300 / 32HGH-466 trestle hoist is designed to guarantee maximum reliability and durability for users. The gearmotor unit is built with helical-toothed steel gears in an oil bath to ensure long life and durability.

  • IP 67 plug
  • Low noise level

The noise level under 75 dB(A), the average dwelling volume, allows working without causing noise that could be harmful to the operator's health and damaging to the environment.

  • Frame with built-in 4 wheeled trolley
  • Top limit switch
  • Lift hook secured by self locking clamp
  • Position brake
  • Low voltage controls

Optional Scaffold Hoist Gantry Details

Supplied complete with gantry and ballast boxes as detailed below.

Gantry Dimensions:
  • Height: 2240mm
  • Length: 3270mm
  • Width: 2270mm
Gantry And Hoist

Gantry and Hoist

Gantry Only

Gantry Only

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