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Cantilever Gantry Crane, Free Standing Portable Or Permanent Installation

Model:  CGC-3120

Cantilever Gantry Crane, Free Standing Portable or Permanent Installation
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Special application bespoke cantilever gantry cranes built to customers specification.

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This is a cantilevered lifting gantry made from light weight aluminium that can be supplied in the following configurations:

  • 'Freestanding' (no fixing bolts) with integrated ballast (counterbalance gantry)
  • 'Freestanfing' tied back to a suitable structure (as shown right)
  • Permanent installation, bolted to a floor or steelwork

A unique feature is the that the load trolley that is moved along the lifting beam from the 'Safe' end of the gantry with a hand chain drive; in other words there is never the need to lean over the edge to manoeuvre the load when it is positioned over the falling edge, thus never subjecting the user to a potential fall.

The gantry shown here is height adjustable though because all of our cantilever alloy gantries are made to order this is entirely down to customer specification.

A portable, knock down, modular design suitable for use in multiple locations because each component part is removable and small / light enough to be carried to other areas of work then re assembled.

Made completely from aluminium the cantilevered gantry is suitable for indoor outdoor use either as a temporary or permanent installation and can be supplied with a manual hand winch or electric wire rope or chain hoist.

The example shown is anchored to a suitably strong and stable supporting structure with a strop or lashing to provide stability for the cantilevered load. We can also supply with mobile ballast weights that connect to the gantry legs to provide support the the cantilevered load.

For us to be able to quote we will need to be supplied with the following information;

  • Safe working load (SWL / Capacity)
  • Height to underside of lifting beam (fixed or adjustable legs
  • Environment to be used in (indoors / outdoors etc)
  • Length of cantilever and overall length of the gantry
  • Temporary or permanent installation (bolted to the floor, ballast weights or anchor strap)
  • Height of lift (lifting beam to the floor)
  • method of lift required (manual or powered)

Crane is a combination of:

  • Foot (1). (free standing or bolted to the floor)
  • Boom lateral stand (2). (height adjustable / fixed. width adjustable / fixed)
  • Integrated cantilever (3). (load trolley remotely operated by chain drive from safe zone)

Safer Lifting

  • Lifting and lowering a load with the operator situated a safe distance away from the falling edge.
  • With the chain drive the load is moved along the total length of the cantilever.


  • The system can be individually height adjustable and width adjustable
  • The boom lateral stand (legs) can be moved along the length of the cantilever.

Additional Images

End Foot Close Up

Cantilever Gantry in Use

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